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Page 64 of December 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, December 1975

A unique day at Ferrari

A chance visit to the factory where the ultimate in enthusiastic automobile excitement is normal. Tradition, a proud spirit of independent endeavour, and a taste of harsh setbacks overcome. These are qualities that ooze from the cobbled courtyard and ochre-shaded walls as we enter the factory at Maranello. Today there's abundant evidence of Fiat's enormous capital injection into the dusty and...

Page 83 of November 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 83, November 2014

100 years of Maserati

It seems so improbable: a century has elapsed since Alfieri Maserati set up shop in Bologna, initially carrying out general engineering work and perfecting his own brand of spark plugs. Scroll forward to the present, and his surname is synonymous with exotic GTs and illustrious racing cars. Alfieri and his siblings forged a legend, one that cannot be distilled into an attention-grabbing soundbite...

Page 28 of March 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, March 1984

Mille Miglia 1984

It is 27 years since the last pure road race was run. The Mille Miglia – a thousand miles of full-throttle bravado, crossing Italy by mountain passes where the penalty for a mistake was instant, thundering through small towns thronged with people whose only protection was a few straw bales and the drivers’ skill. All along the route people turned out in their thousands, heedless of danger, to...

Page 35 of November 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, November 1977

A remarkable Sunbeam revelation

How Louis Coatalen copied a 1913 Coupe de L'Auto Peugeot for his 1914 TT cars It is accepted that the Sunbeam that won the 1914 TT, driven by Kenelm Lee Guinness, was a direct crib of the famous and successful 1913 Coupe de L'Auto Peugeot. Louis Coatalen, who had come to the Sunbeam Motor Company in Wolverhampton from Hillman in 1909, had shown himself to be extremely keen on motor racing. He had...

Page 74 of February 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, February 1996

A Racing Driver's Aeroplane

I would not like to attempt to list all those personalities who have been associated both with motor racing and aviation; Voisin, the Farmans, Harry Hawker who gave his name to so many great aeroplanes, the number is legion. Fewer racing personnel have been associated with the construction of aeroplanes named after them. Captain D K M Marendaz was responsible for one or two Marendaz machines, and...

Page 31 of July 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, July 1965

The circuit of Mugello

June 6th ALTHOUGH the race on the circuit of Mugello, north of Florence, had International status the entry was almost entirely National, the exception being Mike de Udy and David Piper with the former's Porsche 904. However, the entry was not the important part of the race, it was the circuit and character of the event that was significant, for it was open-road racing in the heart of Italy. At...

Page 64 of September 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, September 1967

14th Circuit of Mugello

(July 23rd) In spite of the Italian Government making a noise about banning racing in Italy other than on closed Autodromes„ the A.C. of Florence held the annual race on the Mugello circuit in the mountains north of Florence. Run on Targa Florio style with interval starting, so that competitors race against the clock rather than against each other, this year's event attracted around 100 starters...

Page 31 of October 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, October 1950


CHAIN CHATTER by "CARROZZINO" Tr/71111 the last round of the 1950 Champioriship completed we now know many things about which arguments have raged throughout, the season. With the meeting at Monza not only were the individual and manu facturers championships settled, but a great deal of light was thrown upon a number of aspects of the road-racing game. Without any doubt. whatsoever the firm of F...

Page 21 of April 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, April 1950


Lulsgate It is excellent news that the West Country is to have another club race meeting this year. The Bristol M.C. & L.C.C. will organise another day's sport at Lulsgate aero-drome on April 15th. Last year this was one of the most enjoyable of the smaller race meetings, so its inclusion in this year's calendar is very welcome. The meeting will be a closed invitation one, open to the B.A.R.C...

Page 49 of March 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, March 1978

Of sporting impact - Alfa Romeo's plans for Great Britain

Brabham Alfa Romeo is the wording on the red and white Grand Prix contenders of Niki Lauda and John Watson. It represents the ultimate in sales promotion for the 128 occupants of a late nineteen-sixties building at the northern end of London's Edgware Rd. Of course it is not just for Alfa Romeo GB that the Italian parent makes these gestures, but those words suns up a recently more-sales-...



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