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Page 26 of September 1952 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, September 1952

Club Affairs

Seventeen members of the Southern Jowett Car Club participated in the rally held at Balls Cross, near Petworth, on July 27th. The first event was a manoeuvrability test which involved the reversal into four rectangular parking spaces, finally reversing through two awkwardly placed stakes. Results: 1st: P. Kehl (7 h.p.), 1 min. 24 sec.; 2nd: D. E. White (10 h.p.), 1 min. 30 sec.; 3rd: N. Stranger...

Page 58 of June 1930 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, June 1930

Gliding Gossip and News

Gliding Gossip and News UPON the invitation made) by the B.G.A., Herr Robert Kronfeld has now arrived in this country with his record-breaking sailplane, "Wien." Herr Kronfeld is, of course, world-famous as one of the finest sailplane pilots, his two outstanding performances being a climb to 7,000 feet and a cross-country flight -of 89 miles. During the next few days he will visit various areas...

Page 53 of July 1930 archive issue thumbnail Page 53, July 1930

Gliding Gossip and News

Gliding Gossip and News DURING the Whitsun holidays and recent weekends, great public interest has been taken in the demonstrations of soaring and gliding which have been carried out at Fine Beacon, Itford, Sussex, by Herr Kronfeld, under the auspices of the British Gliding Association. For the first time people in this country were able to get a genuine idea of what " sailplaning " really means...

Page 41 of January 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, January 1931

Gliding Gossip and News

Gliding Gossip and. News THE London Gliding Club announces that arrangements have now been made to ensure that gliding instruction will be available to members every Sunday from 11 a.m. till dusk, until further notice. In view of the large number of members who now hold Royal Aero Club glider pilot's certificates, an effort is to be made to form a special advanced group, which will be able to...

Page 48 of August 1930 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, August 1930

Gliding Gossip

Gliding Gossip and News AIDED by the favourable weather conditions, the London Gliding Club has made a great deal of progress during the past month, and besides maintaining a steady series of week-end instructional sessions, the club has been going ahead in regard to membership, the figures of which are now well past the one hundred mark. Prospective members should note that the address of the...

Page 40 of December 1930 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, December 1930

Gliding Gossip and News

Gliding Gossip and News THE London Gliding Club has now moved its headquarters from 44a, Dover Street, W.1., to a new address. In future all communications should be sent to :—The Secretary, London Gliding Club, Empire House, 8, St. Martins Le Grand, London, E.C.1. . Bad weather conditions during the past few weeks have impeded the club's operations rather considerably. Nevertheless,...

Page 50 of May 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, May 1931

Glidings Gossip and News

Gliding Gossip and News THERE is no question that the research station of the Rhon. Rossiter Gesellschaft at Wasserkuppe is the hub of the whole motorless flight movement, and the small party organised last year by the B.G.A. was so successful that an attempt is being made to organise a similar trip on a larger scale this year. It is also hoped to arrange for the London Gliding Club to enter at...

Page 42 of September 1930 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, September 1930

Gliding Gossip and News

Gliding Gossip and News THE LONDON GLIDING CLUB, after operating from Ivinghoe Beacon, near Tring, Herts, for several months, is now faced with the problem of seeking a fresh site. This is the outcome of their failure to come to a satisfactory agreement with the National Trust, which controls the ground. As a result of this, the Club's activities are suspended for the time being, but the...

Page 47 of April 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, April 1931


Gliding Gossip and News MEMBERS of the London Gliding Club-continue to set an example to other less progressive clubs, not only by the manner in which they turn out in fair weather and foul at week-ends, but also by the way they work. The L.G.C. now has a hangar for housing all their machines, and this was erected in two days by a band of indefatigable members. Of really hefty construction, it...

Page 46 of November 1930 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, November 1930

Gliding Gossip and News

Gliding Gossip and News MEMBERS of the motor trade appear to be amongst the keenest followers of gliding. Already several car firms have their own clubs, and one of the latest to be formed is the Wolseley Gliding Club. The President of this club is Mr. W. Cannell, Managing Director of Wolseley Motors, and Mr. Oliver Boden, 0.B.E., is Vice-president. Memberships figures now stand at 75, and...



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