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Page 10 of May 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, May 2014

Matters of moment

We’ve been gratified by the overwhelmingly positive response to our Time for a Formula 1 Revolution cover story, run in the April issue. We published our framework for change on the conviction that the majority of Motor Sport’s readers have become disenchanted with the artifice of modern Grand Prix racing, and judging by the feedback our instincts were on the mark. The response from the...

Page 80 of June 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 80, June 2001

Chariots of a flyer

Richar Shuttleworth enjoyed a background gew can dream of. And he made the most of it, as Bill Boddy reveals p>Richard Ormonde (after Lord Ormonde, a godfather) Shuttleworth was born on July 16,1909, at the 7500-acre Old Warden estate at Biggleswade in rural Bedfordshire. His father, Colonel Frank Shuttleworth, had married his mother when he was 57 and she was 23. She was the daughter of the...

Page 72 of October 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, October 1984

Peter Green's 1933 Ex-Straight / Seaman K3 MG Magnette

Peter Green's 1933 Ex-Straight / Seaman K3 MG Magnette IT IS always a pleasure to encounter almost-original historic cars. So I was fortunate last month to drive Peter Green's 1933 K3 MG, which he part-shares with David Dutton. This is one afoot very many of these classic MGs, still in more or less unchanged guise since the days of its considerable and successful pre-war racing career. MG...

Page 21 of August 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, August 1972

Matters of Moment

All quiet at the Palace Although Britain is well-provided with race circuits, if they are not further threatened by bans on account of noise, which airports escape, it is sad that the Crystal Palace circuit in London is to close, because this is the last of the pre-war circuits and the oldest of our surviving race courses, motorcycles having been unleashed over the Palace paths in the 1920s. The...

Page 23 of November 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, November 2004

Adam Cooper's – Track forward

Fine China, but will the family Silverstone be sold? The first Chinese Grand Prix proved hugely successful, and the weekend in Shanghai ran like clockwork. The only drawback was the suicidal driving style practiced by the locals. Having experienced the traffic some F1 drivers joked that it won't be long before the country produces an F1 star, but it wasn't so funny when you were in the back of a...

Page 99 of July 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 99, July 2004

At the coalface

Michael Tee: Photographer, reporter and MD 1949-77 Although I was photographing all the grands prix, the 'Bod' called me the Production Manager because I also had to chase all the sections, and strip in all the classifieds as they came in. Dad [Mr Tee] let me go to overseas GPs because I did both words and pictures, so he only had one ticket to buy. Myself and Peter Gamier of The Autocar were...

Page 57 of August 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 57, August 1992

Happy Days

Singapore-born of an Australian mother and Scottish father in 1913, Ian F Connell competed in a considerable number of races and other competition events in an interesting variety of racing cars, both before and after the war. A short time ago I paid him a visit to chat about those days. Connell's father died when Ian was four and his mother and stepfather did not become regular motorists until...


December 2019
Ford vs Ferrari: The Le Mans '66 Film Special



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