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Page 62 of March 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, March 1979

Good Torch

A dependable electric torch is an essential part of the car-user's equipment, especially during the dark days of winter (you can say that again, in 1979) and on night-rallies, etc. For a long time I have found the best torch to be a Bardic. I have also had good service from an Everready Motomate II, which is less of a hand torch, and useful in the house. Another very good hand-torch is now...

Page 26 of July 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, July 1994


Outrunning sound Why land speed record holder Noble is building Thrust SSC to challenge Mdaren in a race to the Sound Barrier on land and why he won't be at the himself this time Richard Noble has some new bedtime reading. Not for him something by Salman Rushdie, Gilly Cooper or Alan Clark. Just before he turns in each night, he prefers a line or two from the Lockheed SR-7l flight manual. Yes,...

Page 30 of June 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, June 1987

Industry insight: Willans Safety Harnesses

Accidental success Britain's motor racing business has a lot more elements to its success than the Cosworth V8, front running chassis and the Hewland gearbox. Thriving cottage industries can also meet world class standards, and one such, a Hampshire garage, provides a story with a 20-year-old twist for regular Motor Sport readers . . . Willans Safety Harnesses could be found in half the GP cars...

Page 52 of September 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, September 1973

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

A Section Devoted To Old-Car Matters Looking back at VSCC Silverstone The second VSCC Silverstone Meeting was plagued by heavy rain showers, which was unfortunate, because there was a record entry and because the wet track was directly responsible for the Bentley-Napier leaving the course and being badly damaged, with David Llewellyn being slightly injured. The traditional races at this meeting...

Page 35 of June 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, June 1968

The "Babs" Controversy

On May 3rd the Carmarthen Times published a front-page story headed "Violation of a Dead Man's Wish—Killer Car Must Be Left in Sand Dunes". The car referred to is the 27-litre Liberty-engined Thomas Special "Babs" in which J. G. Parry Thomas was killed on Pendine Sands in March 1927 when trying to break Malcolm Campbell's 174.88-m.p.h. record with the Napier-Campbell. After the tragic accident,...

Page 38 of April 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, April 1982

Around and about

Auction Sale WE recently had occasion to look in on an auction sale of old cars, ranging from a veteran to cars that only recently became obsolete and out of production. The general trend seemed to be that many cars were not reaching the inflated reserves put on them by their owners, while on others negotiations continued outside the auction room once the car had been withdrawn. A rather blatant...

Page 48 of May 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, May 1975


OUT OF THE PAST ONE OF THE rewarding things about editing MOTOR SPORT is the arrival in the office from time to time of unusual snippets of motoring (and flying) items from the past. For instance, the other day Mr. Julian Brownridge of Chatham sent us some faded but fascinating photographs that had just come into his possession, relating to a coachbuilding concern that operated in Kingston-on-...

Page 74 of September 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, September 2008

Lunch with... Lola

Lola’s founder and its saviour recall 50 years of entrepreneurial effort which has taken in almost every category of motor racing By Simon Taylor There are easier ways to make money than by building racing cars for sale. In fact, the major makers since the 1950s – the likes of Cooper, Lotus, Elva, Brabham, March, Reynard – have all, for one reason or another, hit the buffers and disappeared. The...

Page 62 of March 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, March 1979

Kyalami - The South African Circuit

While these words are being read in the March issue of Motor Sport the South African GP will be in full swing on the fast Kyalami circuit north of Johannesburg. Over the years the Kyalami circuit hasn't been changed very much so it is a good basis of comparison and analysis. After the Grand Prix races in Argentina and Brazil there were a lot of variables and unknowns around the performances of...

Page 34 of April 1985 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, April 1985

The Constructors —3

Van Diemen There is an old chestnut about a young man being interviewed for a job at Ford. "Tell me, what do you think we make here?" he was asked. "That's easy, sir," the interviewee replied, "you make cars." "Wrong!" he was told: "We make money and we make money by making cars." Much the same could be said of the Snetterton firm, Van Diemen International Racing Services Ltd. Its founder, Ralph...



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