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Page 62 of March 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, March 1984

Westfield Sports Cars

Latter-day Lotuses? At a small industrial estate in Dudley, West Midlands, the observant passer-by who glances into a small, neat factory unit may be surprised to see what is apparently a congregation of Lotus XIs and 7s. Apparently, because closer scrutiny will reveal that most of them bear a small badge which says “Westfield”, rather than the circular yellow sign of Colin Chapman. At a time...

Page 60 of October 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, October 2014


Letter of the month War of words War of words Having just read Nigel Roebuck’s chat with Niki Lauda about drivers’ freedom to voice their opinions, I find it interesting that the blame is laid at the feet of the teams. I would say that before a team could give a driver carte blanche to speak to the media, we would need a media that could be trusted to act responsibly – and sadly I don’t see that...

Page 98 of September 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 98, September 2014

Where the grassroots are greener

The 750 Motor Club, founded by our own Bill Boddy, celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. It continues to thrive thanks to low-cost rules, diversity and – as we found out – good, clean fun Writer Ed Foster, photographer Mitch Pashavair Variety is, according to the dictionary, “the quality or state of being different or diverse; the absence of uniformity or monotony”. There should really be a...

Page 84 of December 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 84, December 1994


Having lost the use of Oulton Park and Cadwell Park from its regular calendar of race meetings, the VSCC has sought to fill the voids and maintain its programme of six race events by using Pembrey and, for the first time, travelling to the continent in the tracks of the HSCC and 750 Motor Club, hosting a meeting at the twisty, 1.19-mile circuit at Coix-en-Ternois, close to Arras in north-eastern...

Page 37 of November 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, November 1949

Book Reviews

"The Indianapolis Records" by Alan Hess (Stuart and Richards, 112 pp., 10s. 6d.). Alan Hess, in this beautifully-produced book, has placed on record the full and intimate story of the successful record-attack at Indianapolis last April by the Austin A90 "Atlantic." As he is Public Relations Officer to the Austin Motor Company, Ltd., it must be assumed that he wrote this book to further Austin...

Page 26 of November 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, November 2010

Reynard's Inverter aims to revolutionalise club racing

One of the most influential names in recent British motor sport history is making a comeback. Adrian Reynard is launching a road-legal racer with an ‘open source’ business model and a plan to radicalise the club racing scene. Developed in partnership with engineer Andre Brown, the Inverter (right) will be raced by Reynard himself. The racing driver, engineer and entrepreneur transformed Reynard...

Page 22 of August 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, August 1955

Continental Notes

The recent cancellation of the French Grand Prix and other races meant that there was something of a lull in Continental reporting, apart from some minor events, until a return was made to the homeland for the British Grand Prix. This break allowed the opportunity to journey to Stuttgart where a select little gathering took place amongst the heads of the racing department of Daimler-Benz, at...

Page 29 of October 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, October 1948

Raymond Mays (E.R.A) Consolidates His Position at Craigantlet

Raymond Mays (E.R.A.) Consolidates His Position at Craigantlet ' Allard's Allard and Hutchison's Alfa-Romeo placed second and third, respectively Driving with all his customary style and precision, Raymond Mays proved unbeatable at Craigantlet. The course this year had been abbreviated by 50 yards and Mays' time in the E.B.A. represents a new record-1 min. 15.8 sec. During the first half Mays had...

Page 147 of July 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 147, July 2013

Simon Arron

The hills are alivePrescott, April 27: the British & Midland championships emerge from hibernation The time of day is immaterial — Brixton never sleeps. Early starts acclimatise you to weaving around its nightclub strays and this morning's foremost exhibit is a young woman teetering on high heels between two lanes of slow-moving traffic. In one hand she has a cigarette, in the other a full...

Page 50 of March 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, March 1980

The 750 Motor Club

The 750 MC, "Leaders In Low-Cost Motoring Sport", continues to thrive. Its 1980 Year Book has just been issued, containing all the data anyone should require on 750F, F1300 and Formula Four racing, information on the Austin Seven and Specials Registers, regulations and fixtures as they apply to Club competitions, details of the Club's centres, Formula Vee, the 750MC trials, rallies and how to...



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