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Page 90 of August 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 90, August 2014

Norman's conquest

The D-type didn’t win many races in period, but fared spectacularly well in those that most mattered. Sixty years on from the car’s first test, Motor Sport joins Jaguar development driver Norman Dewis at the helm By Andrew Frankel  The dark green prototype has been lapping the handling circuit at the Motor Industry Research Association proving ground for a while now, the distinctive bark of its 3...

Page 25 of June 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, June 1957

That Car Again!

Not only is the Volkswagen one of the world's best-selling cars, it is also the one most frequently discussed in the World's Press. One of the latest references to the German beetle appears in the American journal Speed Age, which devotes 5½ pages to an article by Smith Archer under the heading of "Volkswagen -- World's Most Over-rated Car." Archer attempts to pull VW prestige to pieces but fails...

Page 86 of April 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 86, April 2013

Lunch with… Norman Dewis

During 33 years and more than a quarter of a million 100mph miles, Norman Dewis was a dedicated team player who helped make Jaguar great By Simon Taylor Marque loyalty is an old-fashioned concept these days. A driver will swap seats after a season or two, a designer will change teams, an engineer or technician will quietly ask around to tease out available opportunities. Everyone's looking to...

Page 42 of September 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, September 1972


• A different world.—The other day we found ourselves lunching with the Directors of USE Aviation at Oxford Airport, Kidlington, a world different from that of cars, if only because, whereas you can buy considerable speed and luxury on the ground, in the form, for example, of an XJ12 Jaguar for £3,726 or a six-cylinder BMW for less than £3,000, CSE think in terms of selling you a Piper Twin...

Page 20 of December 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, December 1948

Club News

Club News WE HEAR While touring in France this year Major Dove encountered a four-cylinder 1911 Piccard-Pietet which has been in 'use as a garage breakdown vehicle since 1921. Clifford Robins of Yeovil has been in the local papers on account of his single-seater sports car, which has a 4300-e.c. Matchless" Silver Hawk "squarefour motor-cycle engine, driving via a Borg and Beck clutch to a Triumph...

Page 5 of February 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 5, February 1948

The Motor Industry Research Association

The annual report of the M.I.R.A shows that during the past year research has been undertaken in such matters as stresses in vehicle structures, stiffness of such structures, filtration of lubricating oil, bearing materials, gears, fatigue strength of crankshafts, exhaust valve and cylinder head temperatures, leaded fuels, design and positioning of piston rings, etc. Mr. L. P. Lord has been...

Page 11 of January 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, January 1994

Basic Finnstinct

Colin McRae kept hopes of a British success alive until well into the event, but in the end Juha Kankkunen capped a successful season with a well-judged victory it was said that conditions during the 1993 RAC Rally were the worst in memory. All I can say is that many memories are decidedly short. Certainly it was cold, snowy and icy this time, but it was far more so in 1969, when Harry KäIlström...

Page 34 of December 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, December 1949

Club News

We Hear K. C. Radburn, F.S.M.C., F.I.O.O. retains his keenness for Salmsons, but, conceding to his wife's request, has purchased a "San Sebastian" coupé model. He would like owners of vintage Salmsons to communicate with him with a view to starting a Salmson Register. His address is: 67, London Avenue, Radford, Coventry. A reader who owns two 8-litre Bentleys and a 4½-litre Bentley bought a 1923...

Page 22 of May 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, May 1967

Line of improvement

The Ford Cortina-Lotus, developed for the public by the Competitions Department When the 1967 Cortina-Lotus was introduced, perhaps rather quietly by Ford's standards, there was a general feeling that this was a toned-down version of a car which had earned so many competition successes, and perhaps much of the character had been removed. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating. On paper the...


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