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Page 15 of May 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, May 1938


0(44 liawd VETERAN CAR CLUB The Veteran. Car Club held its annual Rally and Hill-Climb at Tilburstow on April 9th. The entries were not so numerous as in previous years, but a very enjoyable day was had by all. After lunch the cars attempted the long climb of Tilburstow. Capt. Colver's 1896 Arnold required the assistance of both occupants, but Wood's Leon-Bolke ascended steadily, likewise Allday'...

Page 2 of December 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 2, December 1942

General notes

A very sound suggestion In the issue of its "Gazette," which it circulated for July, August and September, the Junior Car Club puts forward the following very sound suggestion:— In London, for the entertainment and interest of troops on leave, war workers and others, there are theatres, cinemas, restaurants, art shows, clubs, museums and what-not. In the crowds of people who are in town on any...

Page 7 of December 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, December 1937


6,4,,,^ • • 11,.. ::•.:1614"," • A Promising Hill-Climb Venue IT seems that next season the shortage of speed hillclimb venues may be augmented by the advent of Prescott, which estate is now the property of the Bugatti Owners' Club. It will be recalled that about two years ago the Club planned to make Dancer's End a first-class hill-climb venue, and obtained approval from the landowner, Alan P....

Page 37 of December 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, December 1937


THE FLOWER OF THE GLOUCESTER ONLY TWO CARS CLIMB ALL THE HILLS BREAKHEART WELL NAMED THEtwenty -sevei4 Ii London Gloucester Trial was promoted by the North-West London Motor Club on December 4th, aini bad weather lent even greatcr severity to one of the stiffest courses that a big event has seen. Only two drivers, out of a total of seventy-seven starters, came through with a clean sheet. These...

Page 28 of January 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, January 1938

Letters from Readers

MEMORIES OF THE PAST I have enclosed two photographs of two grand old cars which I think are Worthy of reproduction in your journal. One is the 2-litte Miller which the late Count Zbrowski and S C. H. Davis raced in the 1924. G.P. and the other is my own 1922 2-litre G.P. Sunbeam. Both photographs were taken at a hill-climb here a few weeks ago. Allow me to say that MoTOR SPORT is undoubtedly the...

Page 7 of March 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, March 1948

America Likes British Cars!

Under the heading "Imported Horsepower" in Esquire for February we were pleased to read some complimentary remarks about British and Continental cars and to be told that "Foreign sports cars, like those pictured here, are a red-hot cult among the few hundred Americans who own one. Membership in the cult is by no means confined to New York and Hollywood big-money circles. In the clubs to which...

Page 33 of April 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, April 1938


BODIES AND RULES AND THINGS ON CLUBS AND CREDIT for the good management of motoring sport rests with a number of leading organisations, and full and unstinted praise is due to them for the high status of the sport and the authenticity of its Internationally accepted records and race-results. First and foremost in bringing about this happy state of affairs is the A.I.A.C.R., which originated in...

Page 27 of November 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, November 1937


Oita/Lewd THE MOTOR SPORTS CLUB An opening gathering of the Motor Sports Club was held at its premises during Grand Prix week. The scheme is for a Club, limited for the present to 200 Members, open to motor enthusiasts, and existing solely as a London Club, not organising competitions of any kind. This seems to us a very excellent idea indeed, for so oftoil, as when, for instance, the daily...

Page 20 of January 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, January 1938

Club News

0(414 ......?0?11111111, BUGATTI O.C. Prescott seems very much destined to become a very big development. A dub meeting has been wheduled for May 15th, with open dates on Sunday, July 3rd, and Sunday September 251:h. Another issue cf " Bug-antics" is due this month and will contain a report of the Night Trial, and an article on 1110 m.p.h. cars, genuine and otherwise, by W. Boady. The Nighi Trial...

Page 18 of December 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, December 1937


CLUB NEWS—continued FORD ENTHUSIASTS CLUB "btlt• wrmustAvis A trial will be held on December 27th under R.A.C. Closed Invitation Permit No. A 404, for which the N.W. London M.C., West Hants & Dorset Kentish Border C.C., United Hospitals & L.M.C., and Southsea M.C. have accepted. The start will be from Petersfield Market Square at 11 a.m. and after the finish competitors will assemble at...



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