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Page 81 of November 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 81, November 1995


C G Grey, when editor of The Aeroplane, observed that humbug is the essence of politics, except when politics become imbecile, and that of the two he preferred humbug; but that we I should be careful to distinguish between politics and statesmanship which emerges once in a generation among politicians. We might think along these lines today, when so much humbug is rife. Examples? Well, that...

Page 17 of December 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, December 1965

Matters of the moment

1965 To commence this, the last issue of 1965, it is appropriate to look back on a year of satisfactory motoring fulfilment. Politicians may prate of universal speed-limits and provide far from adequate roads but specialised motoring continues to thrive. An exciting last-season of the 1.5-litre G.P. Formula ended in the Honda victory in Mexico, GT, Club and, indeed, every form of racing has been...

Page 114 of November 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 114, November 1981

Belting up

Sir, Following your leader "Compulsion" in the September issue I would like to make a few points about the restrictions we must apply to ourselves in order to maintain a free society. You are correct to point out that seat belts can, under certain circumstances, be hamiful but I think there is little doubt that they save many more lives than they endanger. I cantor that a non-wearer, forced to...

Page 25 of August 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, August 1982


A BROOKLANDS SOCIETY ANNOUNCEMENT During the 75th. Anniversary Re-Union in June, to commemorate the opening in 1907 of Brooklands Motor Course (see report on page 1026), Peter Rixidis of Brooklands Track Ltd. made the following announcement about the purchase of 40 acres of the more interesting parts now remaining of the old Track, which the Society has been trying to accomplish for some...

Page 110 of September 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 110, September 1982

Letters from Readers

N.B. -Opinion pressed are those of our Correspondents and MOTOR SPORT does not necessarily associate itself with them. –E.D. Ford Escort Experiences Sir, Some random reflections on 14,000 miles with an Escort XR3. I feel that it is a well-finished, speedy, small saloon, but totally devoid of any character whatsoever. I am very glad that I kept my old Triumph GT6 which has done 81,000 virtually...

Page 4 of April 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, April 1989

Be Prepared

Vehicle users should be warned that the Department of Transport is hoping to get through Parliament a new Bill altering existing traffic laws and imposing stiffer penalties for infringement. We are reminded of this by the sight of a police car parked on the wrong side of the road in our nearest large town while its driver painted strange hieroglyphics on the kerb — if you can identify the place,...

Page 40 of November 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, November 1990

When The Day Went Badly

A contemporary monthly has been running a series called "Went The Day Badly", about disasters or near disasters remembered by the road testers. I do not have many such memories but there was one such day, which was to result in humorous undertones, that may be worth recalling. It happened back in 1971, when I was doing a long-duration road assessment for MOTOR SPORT of the excellent Ford Escort...

Page 65 of October 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 65, October 1993

A long haul

After a forced lay-off, GC returns to his favourite sport facing new challenges It sounds a simple undertaking: co-drive on a minor historic rally. Nothing complicate d in it; hundreds of people do it every weekend. Four years ago I'd have thought nothing of it. Perhaps I might even have looked down my nose at such a small event, compared to the seven-day cross Europe Marathons I was more used to...

Page 94 of August 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 94, August 2013

Lunch with Win Percy

He was already 31 when his career began in earnest, but a late start was no impediment for one of racing's true gents Writer Simon Taylor Analyse the human make-up of successful racing drivers, and you uncover fascinating variety. There'll always be a powerful will to win, of course, although this may manifest itself in differing ways. Plus you'd expect aggression: maybe openly on display, maybe...


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