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Page 40 of September 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, September 1994

The man who played with fire

Hockenheim brought the spectre of fire back to Grand Prix racing. In his first interview for almost two decades, former BRM chief Louis Stanley, who pioneered means of eliminating such risk, recalls the days when safety was a dirty word In his heyday on the Grand Prix circuits Louis T Stanley cut an imposing figure. Tall and corpulent, ruddy of face and silver of hair, his blue blazer and old...

Page 13 of August 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, August 1967

1967 British Grand Prix race report - Team Lotus Dominate

The choice of the R.A.C. fell on Silverstone this year, so with the help of the BRDC and most of the country's motor clubs the British Grand Prix was held on the wide-open spaces of the airfield circuit. Entry was by invitation and all the big teams were represented along with more than the usual number of private owners, some newcomers being given a chance to try their hand at Grand Prix racing...

Page 11 of March 1954 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, March 1954

Matters Of Moment

Lancia Wins The Monte Carlo Rally Any disappointment that Britons feel that this year's comparatively easy Monte Carlo Rally was won by an Italian car can be tempered by the knowledge that the victorious car is one of the more roadworthy and technically-advanced modern high-performance vehicles and that Louis Chiron, who drove it, is one of France's most popular racing drivers. In hoping that...

Page 22 of August 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, August 1950

Club News

Club News LuciL) WE HEAR TIke lIudson-engined P:tgora two-seater which we illustrated in Merrou Sewer before the war and referred to again not long ago resides in garage near booth IsIroligli, along with a smart Vale-Special. It is really rather remarkable how old ears continue to be unearthed, and promising too. for it seems as if tin supply will never dry-up. For example, a Woodrow two-seater...

Page 30 of December 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, December 1957


The Guild at Goodwood This year's Test Day at Goodwood circuit, organised for the edification of its members and foreign guests by the Guild of Motoring Writers, was an unqualified success. A great variety of British-built cars was available for the journalists to fling round the course for three uninhibited laps and many famous personalities in the overseas motoring journalistic firmament, some...

Page 14 of February 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, February 1964

B.R.M. V8 Stretched to 2-Litres

The Owen Organisation has developed a 2-litre version of its 1 1/2-litre Formula One engine for use in sports cars. Based on all the main castings from the existing Grand Prix engine, the 2-litre (or 1,880 c.c. to be precise) version weighs 264 lb., and is the same length as the 1 1/2-litre engine. The width is only 0.2 of an inch larger than the Grand Prix engine, and the height has been...

Page 28 of April 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, April 2001

Power politics

Cosworth's DFV transformed Formula One, dominating the sport during the seventies and kick-starting the 'kit car' era. But BRM rarely took the easy way out. Keith Howard tells the story of their V12 — a story of what might have been For once-embattled BRM, F1's 1.5-litre era had been the occasion of long postponed fulfilment. The grand enterprise had finally come good, winning the drivers' and...

Page 54 of June 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, June 1967

B.R.D.C. "Daily Express" trophy

Silverstone, April 29th. Altering the date of the Monaco Grand Prix this year brought it uncomfortably close to the B.R.D.C. "Daily Express" meeting at Silverstone, with the result that the entry list was somewhat sparse. Neither the works Cooper-Maserati nor Eagle teams were present, while B.R.M., Lotus and Ferrari were represented by a single car apiece. The entry was further reduced when the...

Page 23 of May 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, May 1975


MATTERS OF MOMENT • THANKS A MILLION, HEALEY! The above heading could have been facetious, but is actually genuine, inasmuch as the Budget did not increase petrol tax or VAT on the purchase price of cars, either of which would have been a serious brake on the Motor Industry, which is so very much in need of aids to its recovery. On the other hand, the 60 increase in the so-called Road Fund...

Page 34 of August 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, August 1977

The race before the race

With the ever-increasing popularity of Formula One and the more money it attracts, more and more people want to join the act. The Formula One Constructors' Association keep a tight hold on their membership and though they may nominate 22 entries, only the best twenty earn any real money for their efforts. Even so there is no shortage of aspirants trying to earn recognition and a place among the...



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