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Page 49 of December 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, December 1980

The Wartime Diaries of an RFC Officer

The Wartime Diaries of an RFC Officer (Continued from the November issue) WE HAVE reached the Diary entries of "X", the RFC Officer who became a well-known racing motorist after the war, for December 1917. He was met on December 14th by Bush and his Crossley, in which they went to the War Office and later net off for Wyton, arriving by lunchtime. Lady X was staying near Ely so her son visited her...

Page 119 of November 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 119, November 1980

The Wartime Diaries of an RFC Officer

The Wartime Diaries of an RFC Officer (continued from the October issue) THESE diaries of the Irish Guards Officer who had joined the Royal Flying Corps, whom I am referring to as X, are now at the October 1917 stage. X had collected a Sunbeam racing car from Mr. Dewis, who was Manager of the Mercedes Company in London at that time. This Sunbeam, which could well have been a 1913 Grand Prix car...

Page 55 of June 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, June 1969

Cars in Books

On the recommendation of a reader I have been enjoying "Flanders and Other Fields", by The Baroness de T'Serclaes, M.M. (Harrap, 1964). There are some unexpected references to motoring in it. For instance, the Baroness recalls buying a Chater-Lea motorcycle before the First World War, to serve as transport when she was living in a remote cottage in the New Forest. An illustration shows this to...

Page 11 of September 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, September 1944

Raymond Mays's E.R.A. on show

Raymond Mays' s E.R.A. On Show SATURDAY, July 8th, was a day of pageantry in the little town of Bourne. The occasion was a Red Cross Fete, which was held on the local sports ground, and we, in particular, are interested in one very famous. E.R.A. which was exhibited there, with literature, paintings and boards: of photographs in a marquee which it had to itself. One may have guessed by now that...

Page 33 of February 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, February 1957


This time I am again indebted to a reader for sending me some interesting items out of history. These consist of a selection of pages from The Badminton Magazine of 1915-21. W. H. Berry was writing the motoring features for this eminent magazine in the war days, and one of his contributions comments on American firms which were taking advantage of dumping cars on the English market without any...

Page 22 of June 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, June 1996

I've Started so I'll Finish

Jan Magnussen may be starring in the ITC, but he still hankers after an F1 opportunity. Marcus Simmons found out why They used to say that when you commented on the youth of policemen, you must be getting old. Nowadays it seems that, instead of the boys in blue, it's the lads racing touring cars that seem to be only just out of school. This year, it could well be that the International Touring...

Page 92 of December 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 92, December 1995

Alfa Romeo Guilia Spider

Launched in 1966, Alfa's Giulia Spider is a peerless classic, whose delicately penned lines were not widely appreciated at first. Unofficially dubbed the Duetto after a competition in which one of these cars was a prize, the Pininfarina barchetta body was 'rubbished' by purists on the grounds that the front end was almost indistinguishable from the rear, and that an expert was required to tell...

Page 59 of July 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 59, July 1962

By E-Type To Monaco

A tough Continental test of the fastest model in the Jaguar range When the Jaguar E-type was announced at last year's Geneva Show it aroused World-wide admiration and was an immediate success. So naturally, everyone wanted to try it. But, apart from brief acquaintance with an early specimen down M1 it and up A5, we had to exhibit patience, partly because certain teething troubles required sorting...

Page 136 of May 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 136, May 2013

Gordon Cruickshank

Well met at Race RetroJust about everyone in the old car business heads to Kenilworth in February for Britain's biggest historic motor sport show A very social do, Race Retro, the UK's historic motor sport jamboree. If you didn't see someone in Paris at Retromobile, you'll bump into them at Stoneleigh. That's why I didn't see half of this year's show — I was stalled by the Motor Sport stand in a...

Page 14 of January 1945 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, January 1945


THE DECEMBER REMBRANDT MEETING N Sunday, December :;rd, yel another Rembrandt enthusiasts' gathering was held. The usual collection of assorted fast cars was to he seen outside with the usiial coloured num ber plates ; among the more interesting were a " 20/90 " British Salmson, an " International " Aston-Ma I1.. i .n. a blown 1,750-e.e. Alfa-Romeo, a ":128" B.M.W.. and a flock of assorted Fiats...



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