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Page 74 of April 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, April 1978

The Triumph Southern Cross

Sir, In the February issue of Motor Sport, under the heading of "Vintage Postbag", there is a letter from Mr. S. Basham, in which he denigrates the Triumph Southern Cross. Now I would be the first to agree that they were in the class of more sedate sports cars, but they did not lack "guts". I bought mine in 1946, and kept it for a couple of years, during which time it gave me excellent service. I...

Page 62 of May 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, May 1963

Riley models

Sir, It seems that the literary consultants to today's vehicle manufacturers have not the originality and imagination of their colleagues in the styling departments. Apparently the new Hillman baby is to be called the Imp. This is just pure bad taste, as the original car of this name was a sports car amply fulfilling the connotations of its name. This crib is yet another name taken from the range...

Page 26 of September 1952 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, September 1952

Club Affairs

Seventeen members of the Southern Jowett Car Club participated in the rally held at Balls Cross, near Petworth, on July 27th. The first event was a manoeuvrability test which involved the reversal into four rectangular parking spaces, finally reversing through two awkwardly placed stakes. Results: 1st: P. Kehl (7 h.p.), 1 min. 24 sec.; 2nd: D. E. White (10 h.p.), 1 min. 30 sec.; 3rd: N. Stranger...

Page 65 of April 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 65, April 1988

2600 in 1988

Sir, A damp weekend has been transformed by the magnificent article on the Alfa Romeo 2600 (Motor Sport, March 1988). It is truly splendid, and will surely provide inspiration for the 2600 owners contemplating restoration to get them on the road! The 2600 Sprint and Spider were homologated for international competition, and in its day the Sprint enjoyed some modest success. There are still the...

Page 30 of January 1952 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, January 1952

The Humber Register

The Humber Register is holding its rally with test and scavenge hunt, Aylesbury on January 13th. Details from JJ Woodcock, 3, Byron Villas, London, NW3. Sunbeam Register members driving any make of pre-I 931 car are invited. The recently-formed Vintage Aeroplane Club hopes to hold a flying week-end at Denham on January 19th/20th. It. will open at 10.45 am, with a time of arrival contest, followed...

Page 36 of December 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, December 1974

The curious case of the FC Front-Drive Alvis

[I am delighted to publish this article about the 1928 FWD Alvis TT cars, from Hugh Torrens, of Keele University, because it throws new light on one of motor racing's major mysteries — who really won the 1928 Tourist Trophy, that first, widely publicised and massively-supported sportscar contest over the Ards circuit? Alvis are said to have thought that the time-keeper's charts were at fault...

Page 76 of April 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 76, April 1993

TR Perspective

Sir,  MOTOR SPORT being an important historical reference source. JW's ill-informed assertion that "Nobody, particularly in the parochial world of the TR Register, gave much thought to the winning potential of the TR7 in V8 guise" (Track Test, February 1993) should not pass uncorrected. In 1977, for the inaugural TR Register Sprint, at Goodwood, members had already shoehorned 2.5-litre Daimler,...

Page 37 of September 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, September 1982


Riley Register THE Riley Register, which caters for all pre-war Coventry-built Rileys, is in a healthy state financially. It has an Autumn Weekend on September 25th / 26th, at which, among other happenings including the dinner and AGM, cars will assemble at 9.30 a.m. on the Sunday on Southport sands, where those motor-races used to be held, for presentation to the Mayor of Southport, before...

Page 28 of December 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, December 1955

Club News

S.T.D. Register On November 6th, the Sunbeam S.T.D. Register held a rally to the Rootes Group factory at Ryton-on-Dunsmore, where 113 members and friends were guests of Mr. Norman Garrad, Mr. John Bullock and Mr. Webb of that organisation. Although timed to commence at 11.30 a.m., the old Sunbeams and Talbots started to invade the modern Sunbeam factory from 10.20 a.m. onwards, until a...

Page 34 of May 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, May 1980

The BMW Cabriolet on sale in Britain

Towards the end of last year we borrowed a BMW 323i Cabriolet from Frank Sytner, who was offering these Bauer conversions on registered 3-series saloons. Although the Cabriolet was available new as a model in its own right on the Continent, it could not be brought into Britain as a new car because of the lack of Type Approval. Now BMW have obtained Type Approval, and will be importing 120 of...



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