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Page 36 of March 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, March 1981


Some Random Reflections on the 1920s I was fascinated to read, in your September issue, the "Memories of the Austin Whippet", as I cut my internal combustion teeth on the Anzani engine fitted to the aircraft mentioned, some years before the machine came into the possession of Air-Commodore Pearson. My own air-baptism occurred when the Headmaster of our North London school took us to Hendon in...

Page 40 of January 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, January 1931

slip streams

"Airplanes." THE sameness in layout, appearance and performance which has become characteristic of the American motor car, so that only by close scrutiny of the radiator badge or hub cap can one now ascertain the make, is not met with in aircraft of the U.S.A. On the contrary, designs are extremely varied, and often original, which is scarcely what one might expect from a country where rigid...

Page 43 of September 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, September 1931


HISTORY OF THE RACE What Has Happened in 18 Years. THE history of the race for the trophy given by the late Jacques Schneider goes back eighteen years. The first contest was held in 1913 at Monaco over a course measuring 150 miles. The winner proved to be Prevost, one of the French entries with a Deperdussin monoplane, powered with a Gnome rotary engine of 160 h.p., and his speed was 45.75 m.p.h...

Page 18 of December 1926 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, December 1926


WV-M,-"*V.A"Voned`Ar."'\1-"I'Vo•Nr."1,-"V-M.r."0114%°V."Nowl MOTORING SPORTSMEN: Mr. G. E. T. Eyston. 13‘ THE EDITOR. A•v"...r"ArA"r0'1.4•AA•A•v"ArArwMr.N.#410‘"Ar".."%eh...4 MR. GEORGE EDWARD THOMAS EYSTON, who during the last few years has figured as a prominent and successful competitor in British and Continental racing events, commenced his practical experience in motoring at the tender...

Page 53 of May 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 53, May 1979

The other side of Brooklands

With the arrival of better weather, the Editor recalls the days when people went to Weybridge not only to see the motor racing, but to watch the aeroplane races CONSIDERING that the first heavier-than-air machine had proved that it could get off the ground only six years previously, the attention given by the Brooklands authorities to aviation in 1909 deserves to be remembered. Moreover, flying...

Page 54 of December 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, December 1972

Unbeatable BMW

A Long-Term Test Report Somebody, somewhere, remarked on the comparatively high cost of spares for BMW motor cars. This resulted in BMW Concessionaires (GB) Ltd. suggesting that if this is true, it is offset by the very few spare parts BMW cars require during their working life. To emphasise the point they suggested that I should drive a BMW 2500 for 20,000 miles, to see how trouble-free it...

Page 48 of September 1954 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, September 1954

Private Flying Notes

Mid-June and the National Air Races are now some way behind us, but although the racing itself was less interesting than usual, the meeting, held at Baginton Aerodrome Coventry, on the 18th and 19th, warrants some comment. From an appreciative enthusiast's viewpoint, the display was one of the best seen, not because of any particularly outstanding acts, but because of the comprehensive range of...

Page 32 of February 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, February 1969

The Cars of Colonel Rixon Bucknall

Described to the Editor in a recent interview Colonel Rixon Bucknall is a great motoring enthusiast, as well as being an authority on ships and railways of the steam era. He presumably inherited his interest in cars from his uncles, Ernest and Leslie Bucknall, who were pioneers of the horseless carriage movement. Indeed, Leslie Bucknall took part in the 1,000-Mile Trial of 1900 and three years...

Page 53 of July 1930 archive issue thumbnail Page 53, July 1930

Gliding Gossip and News

Gliding Gossip and News DURING the Whitsun holidays and recent weekends, great public interest has been taken in the demonstrations of soaring and gliding which have been carried out at Fine Beacon, Itford, Sussex, by Herr Kronfeld, under the auspices of the British Gliding Association. For the first time people in this country were able to get a genuine idea of what " sailplaning " really means...

Page 41 of January 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, January 1931

Gliding Gossip and News

Gliding Gossip and. News THE London Gliding Club announces that arrangements have now been made to ensure that gliding instruction will be available to members every Sunday from 11 a.m. till dusk, until further notice. In view of the large number of members who now hold Royal Aero Club glider pilot's certificates, an effort is to be made to form a special advanced group, which will be able to...



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