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Page 62 of March 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, March 1979

Good Torch

A dependable electric torch is an essential part of the car-user's equipment, especially during the dark days of winter (you can say that again, in 1979) and on night-rallies, etc. For a long time I have found the best torch to be a Bardic. I have also had good service from an Everready Motomate II, which is less of a hand torch, and useful in the house. Another very good hand-torch is now...

Page 108 of May 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 108, May 1984

Ulmann on V12s

In spite of having been chastised by us for his cracks at British accomplishments, notably W. O. Bentley's engines, Alec Ulmann of New York remains one of our staunchest readers. He says generously that he gets a lift from reading the gems of previously unknown pieces of historical information we print in MOTOR SPORT and that he has an obsession with "nothing new under the sun". This time it...

Page 28 of November 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, November 2008

Peter Bolton

Peter Bolton, the former Le Mans racer and a BRDC life member, died in late August at the age of 88. Bolton raced at Le Mans 10 times in the late 1950s and early 1960s for AC and Triumph, and also competed on the Monte Carlo Rally. He was famous for driving an AC Cobra coupé at 185mph on the new M1 in June 1964, when, along with Jack Sears, he was testing the car before Le Mans. Having served in...

Page 68 of August 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, August 1972

White Elephantitis

An Edwardian overhead-camshaft 25/30 MaudslayShot in colour at its old stamping ground I had not been on safari for some time, not, in fact, since May 1970 ("A Tale of Two Panhards") but I had been keeping a hunter's eye open for anything else worth pursuing. The trouble is, white-elephant cars, beasts excitingly big and sufficiently rare not to be commonplace at every Club meet, are, like animal...

Page 78 of July 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, July 2008

Cowboy, sailor, racer, inventor… and ‘chippie’

Yes, Lance Macklin lived a varied life – and mischief was never far away. But that didn’t stop Moss and Salvadori respecting his ability, as ex-GP driver Howden Ganley explains ”All my life I’ve wanted to run a chippie”. So said Lance Macklin to his young second wife Gill, and thus began a new chapter in the life of a man who had been one of Britain’s leading racing drivers in the 1950s. Lancelot...

Page 49 of February 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, February 1978

Cars in books

I did not dig deep enough into "When The Riviera Was Ours" by Patrick Howarth (Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1977) when I referred to it last month. It also includes, apart from the items I mentioned, that the first car ever seen by Frank Harris was at Monte Carlo in 1895-6, a 7-h.p. Georges Richard, which he is said to have bought for £600 and driven round the Riviera for a month, after which he...

Page 67 of October 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 67, October 1996

James Crocker

The VSCC and the world of amateur motoring sport is mourning the death, at 70, after a short illness, of James Crocker, that Club's President from 1978 to 1980. He will be remembered as a humorous but firm holder of that position, and an active one, racing a Lagonda Rapier and more recently having acquired a Clyno for VSCC light-car events. Educated at The Beacon and Marlborough, James studied...

Page 39 of March 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, March 1978

Mistaken identities

Sir, I wonder if other readers find it confusing when well-known names and phrases are used in new contexts. I read of a new motoring book "E type: end of an era", how interesting I thought, yes indeed the ill fated "E-type was virtually the end of the ERA. I wonder who has written it, someone like "Jenks" or Cyril Posthumus I expect. But no! I have got it all wrong, it is about a Jaguar! Then...

Page 27 of May 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, May 1983

Matters of moment

The modern Bentley  As the road-test report by A.H. in the colour-section of this issue of Motor Sport is on the Bentley Mulsanne Turbo, it is appropriate to reflect on the Bentleys made by Rolls-Royce Motor Car Division of Crewe. When it was time to return the test car we went to the Rolls-Royce factory and talked about them with Jack Read ("J.M.R." by R-R identification), the present Future...

Page 32 of May 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, May 1973

Around and about

A glassfibre F3 car When you spot an entry in a Formula Three race within the next few weeks for a car called a Genie to be driven by a man named Woody Harris, take a second look. Harris is a Californian who has just brought his home-developed car over to Europe for a season's racing. It is particularly interesting because the Genie features a fibreglass and polyurethane foam chassis, and is said...



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