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Page 32 of August 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, August 1935

Club News

etta /1.4 ROYAL SCOTTISH A.C. Special prizes for novices in the Scottish Rally were donated by the British Wagoa Co., Ltd. The conditions of entry were that the competitor had never previously taken part in an organised motor road race, nor at Brooklands or Donington Park, nor in a Monte Carlo, Royal Automobile Club or Royal Scottish Automobile Club rally. The winners were as follow : Open Class...

Page 23 of February 1936 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, February 1936

Club News

eta4 /lewd ??•••111111111111119r GREAT WEST M.C. The Great West Motor Club opened the 1936 season with its Hayward Trophy Trial on January 12. A seven-mile course was tackled twice, the start being from The Cricketerrs Arms, Bagshot. Bagshot Common caused much bother. F. A. Thatcher (M.G. Magnette) and W. L. Jackson (Frazer-Nash) were outstanding on the first section, and again on the second...

Page 21 of January 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, January 1939


etia /Iowa VINTAGE SPORTS-CAR CLUB COTSWOLD TRIAL, NOVEMBER 27th This annual invitation event attracted twenty-six entries, including four teams entered by the Vintage, Harrow, United Hospitals and Bugatti Owners' Clubs. The placing Was in this order, the Vintage carrying off the S. C. H. Davis Cup by one mark. The team consisted of Miss Barbara Marshall's assorted G.N., Denyer's stout Lea-...

Page 12 of July 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, July 1937

THE 16/80 h.p. A.C. "ACE" TWO-SEATER

THE 16/80 h.p. A. C. "ACE" TWO-SEATER A REFINED CAR WITH EXCELLENT LINES AND VERY GOOD PERFORMANCE In this country a steady demand fortunately still exists for hand-built sportscars of considerable individuality and in this category one of the outstanding marques is the A.C., especially interesting because its advanced engine of light alloy construction, with " wet " cylinder liners and chain...

Page 16 of January 1936 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, January 1936


etta .....„„„,?•??=111111111. STANDARD CAR OWNERS' CLUB The South-Eastern Section of the Standard Car Owners' Club held their annual dinner-dance on November 22nd at the • First Avenue Restaurant, Holborn, where revelry continued until 2 a.m. on November 23rd. An amusing treasure hunt, in which members became " Flying Squad " officers, started from the " Ace of Spades " on December 13th. Seven...

Page 22 of May 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, May 1937

Club News

eta4 /lewd BUGATTI OWNERS' CLUB An extremely successful opening rally was held on April 11th. Thirty-two cars gathered at "The George," Huntingdon, where lunch was taken in a very pleasant room reserved for the dub, and dominated by the club radiator badge. The Bugattis present were drawn up along one side of the hotel yard, and comprised the following: "Black Bess," the 1913 chain-drive 5-litre...

Page 9 of March 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, March 1935


FORTHCOMING EVENTS MOTORING FIXTURES FOR 1935. MARCH. 2nd. Junior Car Club. Brook! ands Rally. 9th. Riley M.C. Reliability Trial. 9th. L.C.C. Reliability Trial. 10th. Vintage Sports Car Club. Reliability Trial. 16th. B.A.R.C. Open Meeting. 16th. N.W.L. M.C. Coventry Cup Trial. 16th. Southport M.R.C. Speed Meeting. 16th. Standard Car Owners' Club. Reliability Trial. 17th. Brighton and Hove M.C.,...

Page 20 of November 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, November 1935

club news

etia/lewd BUGATTI OWNERS' CLUB The rally and trial in Waft:. was a great success. Fifteen entrants rallied from any point they cared to choose, to Bala, this part of the test having to be completed at a minimum average of 26 m.p.h. Sleepy Bala was thoroughly aWakeaed by the arrival of the first telegrams and the checking-in marshal in a smart Aston-Martin. About 5 p.m. the first competitor...

Page 10 of February 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, February 1935


BRITISH MOTORING FIXTURES FOR 1935 THE following is a provisional list of the British motoring events, compiled by the R.A.C., which will take place in 1935. The list of international fixtures has already been issued by the R.A.C., and a complete calendar showing the whole of the events in 1935 is now being printed by the Club and will be available to members of Associated Clubs and holders of...

Page 43 of October 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, October 1935

Club News

etia/lewd THE VINTAGE SPORTS-CAR CLUB The Vintage Sports-car Club Speed Trials at Howard Park Hotel, Aston Clinton, on Saturday, August 31, was an enjoyable affair. Everyone seemed to know everyone else, while the organisation was of the unobtrusive kind which gets things through quickly with the minimum of fuss, so that everybody was able to have second runs, despite the large entry. The gravel...


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