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Page 28 of August 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, August 1983

1983 British Grand Prix - Rather dull

  The last Formula One race was on June 12th, a gap of five weeks in mid-season being an eternity for the enthusiast to wait, but for the teams, it was a welcome break to get stuck in and catch up on the build and design programmes. Patrick Tambay leads in his Ferrari at the start of the 1983 British Grand Prix. Photo: Motorsport Images Apart from continual tyre-testing sessions, new cars were...

Page 21 of February 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, February 1974

The Argentine Grand Prix

Buenos Aires, January 13th For the third consecutive year, the World Championship series started in sun-soaked Argentina, all the regular Grand Prix teams air-freighting their cars out to this event and then keeping them in South America until after the two Brazilian Formula One races. Although the first race of the new season took place barely three months after the last race of the old, there...

Page 48 of November 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, November 1971

Leo Mehl, Goodyear's European racing chief, reflects on four years in Europe

Leo Mehl arrived in England just ever four years ago as the new overall chief of Goodyear's extensive European motor racing operation. Now with ten hectic years of motor racing behind him he has decided to return to America to an executive job in the development section of the parent company, thus leaving the race tracks behind. Before he left last Month, and handed his Wolverhampton office over...

Page 56 of August 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, August 1988

1988 British Grand Prix race report - Hero time

  The whole weekend, and in fact the whole British Grand Prix affair, was full of disappointments punctuated by flashes of joy. Ayrton Senna leading the British Grand Prix in the McLaren MP4/4. Photo: Motorsport Images Through the first seven races of the Formula One season, fluctuating from extremes of heat and cold, confusion and muddle, good circuits and bad, there were those among us who...

Page 21 of September 1985 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, September 1985

1985 British Grand Prix race report - A bit farcical

  The whole affair started off badly when the Friday morning practice session was delayed by the most appalling weather. It wasn't that nobody wanted to go out in the rain, but international rules state clearly that official practice cannot start until full medical services are ready and waiting, and these include a rescue helicopter. Ayrton Senna leads the British Grand Prix in his Lotus 97T. ...

Page 21 of February 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, February 1969

Continental Notes

The 1969 Porsche racing programme will be concentrated on two major activities, long-distance sports/prototype racing and rallies, and for the first tune since 1963 Porsche factory cars will not be taking part in the European Mountain Hill-Climbs, though it would be no surprise to see one of the 1968 ultra-lightweight "Bergspyders" being run by a private owner. For the long-distance classic motor...


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