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Page 68 of April 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, April 1979

Road test - The BMW 635CSi

A return to Munich’s old sporting coupé recipe. Good handling, fast and flexible performance, but a high price. “Near perfection” is how W. B. described the BMW 633CSi in his August, 1977, road test report. But he did have reservations about some of the big coupe’s chassis behaviour, criticisms made even more pointedly by hard-driving European BMW customers; used to the taut, sporting appeal of...

Page 30 of December 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, December 2014

Better by design

Our man gets beneath the skin of this year’s Formula 1 cars, pinpoints the key differences between the three engine manufacturers’ approaches… and explains exactly why the Mercedes V6 has won the power battle Illustrator Giorgio Piola Formula 1’s adoption of the 1.6-litre V6 hybrid format has radically altered the competitive pecking order. Hand in hand with fairly swingeing aerodynamic...

Page 56 of April 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, April 1979

The new series III Jaguars and Daimlers

Although it is eleven years since the XJ6 was introduced, the Jaguar/Daimler model range remains unsurpassed in its combination of ride comfort, suppression of road, suspension and wind noise and roadholding. How could Bob Knight and his team of engineers improve on this near perfection? The answer has been to make the coachwork itself more refined whilst leaving the chassis practically unchanged...

Page 71 of March 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 71, March 1979

Road test

The Lotus Esprit S2 Fast, fun and frenzied Since Colin Chapman first put spanner to nut in Hackney there have been few road cars available at any particular period in time to rival the Lotus for sheer exhilaration behind the wheel. The maestro's touch has inbred a unique agility of handling and performance in every road-going chassis. There have been inferior models, like the Renault-engined...

Page 71 of October 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 71, October 1975

Driving the new TVR 1600M

Shortly after my factory visit Mike Casale loaned me the new smaller-engined addition to the TVR range, the Ford 1600 GT pushrod-engined model introduced to take advantage of, or defend, TVR against the fuel and economic crises. This is a revised version of the earlier 1600M dropped two or three years ago, in happier, cheap fuel, days, its ancestry dating back to the 1600 Vixen launched, on an...

Page 56 of November 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, November 2014

Road car news

Merc targets the 911 AMG GT set for UK sales from April | by Andrew Frankel There will be a few sleepless nights across town in Stuttgart, for Mercedes-Benz has released the first details of the new Mercedes-AMG GT, a car aimed specifically at the iconic Porsche 911 Turbo. The Mercedes-AMG GT (note the ‘Benz’ has been dropped to make it sound more like the F1 team) is a classically proportioned...

Page 30 of June 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, June 1984

Notes on the Cars at Zolder and Imola

With the Belgian GP and the San Marino GP on successive weekends (April 29th and May 6th) there was precious little time for anyone to return to base between the races so most of the teams set off for Belgium with sufficient equipment for the two weeks. Europe based teams like Ferrari were at a big advantage and the Maranello team were back home by Monday lunch-time after the Belgian race the...

Page 27 of September 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, September 1972

Notes on the cars in Austria

There was quite a lot of detail development work taking place during the Austrian Grand Prix practice periods, and on the day prior to official practice beginning. The 1972 Tyrrell, number 005, had been undergoing some stress testing in England and the chassis had been found wanting, so in order to relieve the situation temporarily the inboard-mounted front brakes had been discarded and...

Page 52 of October 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, October 2014

Maserati Indy

When they were new An original road test taken from the Motor Sport archives, November 1971 | By Denis Jenkinson During the summer of 1956 I saw drawings of the V8 Maserati engine, and later that year I saw the first cylinder block come out of the Maserati foundry. At that time I was very closely associated with the Maserati racing department, for in the spring of that year I was with Stirling...

Page 149 of June 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 149, June 2014

Historic scene with... Gordon Cruickshank

Air power in action How Justin Maeers and his GN special lifted the Motor Sport Brooklands Trophy If on your way to a VSCC meeting you’re overtaken in a blast of noise by a spindly pointy-tailed cyclecar going unfeasibly quickly, chances are it has Justin Maeers at the wheel, winner of the 2013 Motor Sport Brooklands Memorial trophy. Maeers has been a GN addict for many years, and his current hit...



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