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Page 47 of April 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, April 1984

A Veteran Car Enthusiast

The Editor Visits Edgar Pilkington -- The other day I had the pleasure of talking to Edgar Pilkington, whose special motoring interest has been veteran and Edwardian cars. He explained that his grandfather, having founded a company making weldless tubing at the time of the cycling boom in the 1880s, at Aston in Birmingham, which with others became Tubes Ltd and later the great TI organisation,...

Page 104 of February 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 104, February 1998

Centenary meet

ln October 1897 the Hon Evelyn Ellis ascended Worcester Beacon in the Malverns on his Daimler, specially equipped with three sets of brakes and low gear ratios. To commemorate this, Mike Tebbett, a master at St James' and Abbey School for Girls, recently assembled the Daimler, the 1895 Santler, and other autocars at the school, where Ellis started from. Then it was the home of his mother, Lady...

Page 88 of November 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 88, November 1983

Vintage postbag

A Brighton Run Topic Sir, "Oh that we could persuade the RAC to reject those who are not members of the VCC and who presumably do not support what the Brighton run stands for." This remarkable observation, sounding like a trade union official pleading for a closed shop, is, actually part of the Chairman's report in the last issue of the VCC Gazette — I trust that the RAC will treat it with the...

Page 90 of August 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 90, August 1999

Low-cost veteran motoring

In view of the prices the older cars now fetch, it is refreshing if frustrating to think back to old times. I am thinking of a 1903/4 two-cylinder Panhard bought for 14 at auction soon after WWI. It had lain in a stable, tyreless, since 1910. It cost its new owner an extra £18 10/- for repairs, lamps and tyres. He made a few modifications, like removing the tonneau seats and lowering the front...

Page 48 of December 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, December 1976

Veteran - Edwardian - Vintage

A section devoted to old-car matters From Mr. Roger West, Production Editor of the Industrial Railway Record publications, we have received No. 67 in this series (published last August and available for 75p, from R. V. Mulligan, 3, Cumberland Grove, Great Sutton, Wirral, Merseyside, L66 4XH) about the Spurn Head Railway. What has this to do with Motor Sport? Well, apart from some of our readers...

Page 34 of December 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, December 1971


A section devoted to old-car matters The RAC London-Brighton Veteran Car Run (November 7th) I have tried the Brighton Run most ways—by tram and bus to Croydon to watch the veterans climb up past the Airport before the war, riding on veterans since 1936, driving some of Lord Montagu's in more recent runs. This year I did it in comfort—staying in Brighton on the Saturday night and reporting from...

Page 100 of December 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 100, December 2004

The most stupendously authentic rebuild of a virtually derelict

The most stupendously authentic rebuild of a virtually derelict, very rare, pre-1919 Lanchester Sporting 40 has nearly been completed, a wonderful effort by long-time VCC member Graham Pilmore-Bedford.

Page 96 of August 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 96, August 1998

Film producers, forward

Genevive, that film of a fictitious Brighton run first shown in 1953, was a box office sell-out and put veteran cars on the map for ordinary folk. Them have been other dramas of a similar kind since, such as The Yellow Rolls-Royce, etc, but nothing has matched Genevieve for entertainment and putting the public on our side in the old-car movement. Surely it is time for another such cinema or TV...

Page 78 of July 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, July 1973

Vintage & Veteran variety

The editor takes in the Humber Register Thame Rally, the Veteran Car Club Replica of the 1908 Manchester MC Trial and the Ford Model-T Rally from London to Daventry There is absolutely no lack of enthusiasm for the older cars, consequently the fixture list is overcrowded. For instance, on a pouring wet Sunday morning in May, as I set off to drive the few miles to Christopher Mathews' house, being...

Page 50 of June 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, June 1970


A Section Devoted to Old-Car Matters A VARIETY OF ANCIENT THINGS LATE APRIL and early May gave me an interesting variety of veteran and vintage happenings to attend to. It began one Thursday when I set off in the Reliant Scimitar GTE to intercept St. John Cousins Nixon on his 1,060-mile drive round Britain, sponsored by British Leyland, in the actual 1899 single-cylinder Wolseley which ran, as No...



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