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Page 35 of September 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, September 1934


MOTOR CYCLING CLUB. The annual High-speed Trial will be held on September 8th, starting in the morning with a One Hour " blind " for cars. This will be followed lw a series of two-lap handicap and one-lap scratch races, then the second (Inc Hour Speed Trial, and finally the Team Relay races. Altogether a full day's sport. Full particulars can be obtained frcm the Secretary. Mr. J. A. Masters, 22...

Page 9 of March 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, March 1934


THE MOTOR CYCLING CLUB. The Annual General Meeting was held in the last week of January, too late for a report to be included in our February issue. Mr. L. A. Baddeley was in the chair, in place of Mr. J. Van Hoodynk, who very sportingly stood down. The report and accounts were quickly passed. After discussion, Mr. Van Hood3rnk was persuaded to continue in office as president, Mr. F. J. Crundall...

Page 19 of June 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, June 1937

Club News

etta /1.4 KENT AND SUSSEX L.C.C. The first of the 1937 series of the always excellent Lewes speed trials was held on May 8th. Spectators arrived in plenty, many specials were being exercised and there were some fast runs, indeed the only thing missing was a spot of sunlight to warm and brighten this delightful spot on the downs above the sea. J. Lemon Burton made the fastest run of the afternoon...

Page 26 of March 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, March 1933

club news

Oita /lewd THE RILEY MOTOR CLUB. THE annual Twenty-four Hour Reliability Trial held by the Riley Motor Club is the most important and popular event in the club's calendar. It is to be held this year on June 23rd and 24th, and certain details of its scheme are already available. On this occasion there will be fifteen starting points in the United Kingdom, including such centres as Liverpool,...

Page 22 of August 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, August 1933

The Junior Racing Driver's Club.

The Junior Racing Driver's Club. It has been a permanent regret with the majority of motor-racing enthusiasts of moderate means that their enthusiasm can never take the form of active participation in a race. There have been several projects in the past for a system of communal sharing of a racing car, but now this idea has actually materialised in the Junior Racing Drivers' Club. The lines on...

Page 27 of February 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, February 1933


HERE AND THERE The Value of a Clean Sump. UNDOUBTEDLY one of the essential points to be considered if a long life is desired from an engine is that the lubricating oil should be free from any foreign matter. Unfortunately, in the process of running-in, a considerable amount of fine metal is bound to find its way into the sump as the bearings and pistons wear their working surfaces, and if this is...

Page 44 of March 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, March 1931


ITEMS OF INTER1-4,ST FROM VARIOUS SOURCES Diesel Car at Daytona. a private cable to Messrs. C. C. Wakefield & Co. Ltd., Mr. C. L. Cummins, the well-known American engineers announces that in the course of a trial officially observed by the Contest Board of the American Automobile Association his Diesel-engined car established a record for this type of vehicle of 100.75 m.p.h. This remarkable...

Page 47 of September 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, September 1933


PROSPECTS FOR THE "FIVE HUNDRED." Thirty Four Entries at Second Closing Date for B.R.D.C. Race on September 16th. 0N numbers alone the 500 Miles Race for 1933 is assured of success, for at the second closing date no fewer than 34 cars had been entered. This race has secured a permanent position of popularity with cars and drivers alike, and the British Racing Drivers' Club has every reason to...

Page 29 of February 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, February 1934


The Ban on Competition Tyres. it see it is announced that the M.C.C. has placed a ban On Competition tyres in their events subsequent to the London-Exeter. As Hon. Secretary of the one make Club which supports Trials to a greater extent than any other similar Club in the world, I should like to take the opportunity to express the view that this is definitely a retrogressive step. Looking at...

Page 44 of August 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, August 1933


M.G. MAGNAS WIN the RELAY RACE at 88362 HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL RACE ORGANISED BY THE LIGHT CAR CLUB FOR THE THIRD TIME. MORGANS FINISH SECOND AT 89.01 m.p.h. Previous Winners. 1931 : Capt. Waite's Austin Team (I,. Cushman, J. 0. Barnes & C. Goodacre), 81.77 m.p.h. 1932: Mr. F. S. Hutchen's team of Wolseley Hornets (F. S. Hutchens, B. H. Wickens & E. J . Erith), 77.51 m.p.h. JUDGING by the...



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