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Page 20 of December 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, December 1961

Design discussion

In which the Editor extends some arguments contained in last month's "Showdown" article The idea was expressed in Motor Sport last month that enthusiasts who know about cars and drive them far and fast should eschew "vintage" designs and, by purchasing modern models for their daily motoring, set an example to the car-buying public of the benefits of such technical items as i.r.s., elimination of...

Page 19 of September 1946 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, September 1946


Extra Special Special The Dowson Lightweight, which dominates the up-to-750-c.c. racing class at present-day sprint events, is such a beautifully made and designed "special" and motors so well that lots of people have asked us what it is all about. Well, it actually appeared way back in 1937 and was designed by Alec Issigonis — it is pleasing that he shares the driving of it with its owner, J. M...

Page 68 of August 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, August 2004

The JCC Brooklands high speed trials

Bill Boddy looks at an ingenious pre-war event in which beginners and expert drivers alike could enjoy a taste of speed without too much risk to their cars It was the idea of the Junior Car Club to have a high speed trial at Brooklands embracing a slice of road-circuit driving. This was a truly ambitious club. Formed before WWI as The Cyclecar Club to cater for a surprising interest in the new...

Page 9 of March 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, March 1964

Matters of Moment

CONGRATULATIONS ... . . . . to Paddy Hopkirk and Henry Liddon on their splendid outright victory in the Monte Carlo Rally, endorsing all MOTOR SPORT has said in the past about the merits of the front-drive, rubber-sprung small cars built by the British Motor Corporation. That the little Mini-Cooper S beat even the mighty Ford Falcon Sprints, on which American Ford had staked so much, was sweet...

Page 3 of March 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, March 1990


Mini-Motoring That so many very up-to-date top performance cars are now on the market is good news for the wealthy, assuming that maximum speeds approaching 200 mph are valid in this age of low speed limits and radar detection. Such cars have other outstanding qualities apart from their full throttle potential, however, and they set standards by which lesser cars can be judged and other designers...

Page 22 of November 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, November 1966

Press day at the London Motor Show

EARLS COURT, October 18th. TRADITIONALLY the day opened with the B.M.C. Press Luncheon it Grosvenor House, during which Sir George Harriman, C.B.E., expressed the opinion that it is a pity the Government should have to stifle the Motor Industry (which last year earned £783,000,000 in exports and £540,000,000 in the first eight months of 1966). He reminded us that B.M.C. exports are now eight per...

Page 33 of August 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, August 1979

1979 British Grand Prix race report - Williams all the way

  It was all sunshine and peace at Silverstone over the period of the Grand Prix, the sun was shining, everyone was affable and there were all the ingredients for the best possible British motor racing garden party. Clay Regazzoni crosses the line to win the 1979 British Grand Prix. Photo: Motorsport Images There was everything on four wheels, from long, long ago to the very instant when...

Page 24 of November 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, November 1967

The Editor's annual-Showtime Solioquy

The Editor's annual Showtime Soliloquy ANOTHER round of Motor Shows is over; another year has gone by. It has not been a particularly happy twelve months for motoring enthusiasts, for the 70-limit goes unrescinded, there is a 6o-m.p.h. limit on a road in the Midlands, breathalysers have been legalised, motor-racing has been milk-and-watered down, while petrol prices are forever going up. You may...

Page 29 of September 1959 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, September 1959

Highlights Concerning The New B.M.C Babies

Highlights Concerning the New B.M.C. Babies Quite the brightest highlight is the low price. Inclusive of purchase tax you can buy one of these Austins or Morrises for under £500. They are £41 cheaper than an A35, cost £93 less than a Morris Minor, undercut the Fiat 600 by £116, the Renault Dauphine and de luxe VW by £219. They are priced at £78 more than the side-valve three-speed "cart-sprung"...

Page 17 of January 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, January 1975

Matters of moment

The trend of design At the commencement of another year it is encouraging to discover that some of the past pessimism is dispersing. The flow of oil which we were told would soon cease to come from beneath the surface of this exhausted planet has refused to dry-up, no doubt to the disgust of the Media and other Jeremiahs, so, if you can afford it, there is plenty of petrol to burn. The emission...



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