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Page 58 of November 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, November 2008

Best of three?

In 1955 the Jaguar D-type, Ferrari 750 Monza and Aston Martin DB3S all contested the Goodwood Nine Hours. But which is best? It’s a tough choiceBy Andrew Frankel As the crowds arrived at Goodwood on August 20, 1955 for the Nine Hours endurance race, few if any of the fans knew that it would be the last long-distance, day into night race held at their beloved track – at least, until the circuit’s...

Page 48 of September 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, September 1996

The Aston Martin DB3S

The Aston Martin DB3S Sportscar, by Chris Nixon. Palawan Press, £375. Perhaps Palawan is pioneering the "homologation special" of car books. Its fabulously expensive limited editions seem to be snapped up more eagerly than the £30 products of conventional publishers, just as Ferrari could have charged whatever it wanted for an F40, or Porsche for a 959, when saloons were hard to shift. We were...

Page 16 of September 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, September 2000

Letters from readers

Honour satisfied Sir, The news of the sentence imposed on Prof Franco Lombardi [see Matters of Moment] who, apparently out of greed, has tried to stain the honour of my old and dear friend, Olivier Gendebien — now regrettably no longer among us — has arrived in Argentina. I am pleased by the Italian court judgement even though I am sad that Olivier has not lived long enough to see justice done in...

Page 87 of April 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 87, April 2002

Too good for their own good?

It was Italy's dream team - Ascari, Jano, Lancia. The car looked sensational. Success seemed guaranteed. But the project ended in tragedy and thwarted ambition, as Chris Nixon explains Early in 1954, Motorsport enthusiasts found themselves looking at photographs of two new Grand Prix cars so startlingly different in appearance that it was hard to believe they had been built for the same Formula....

Page 6 of April 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, April 1999

obituary Georg Meier

Georg Meier Georg Meier, a works Auto Union GP driver, has died aged 89. He began by racing motorbikes, and by 1938 was European 500cc champion.This won him a place at Auto Union, and, being under contract to BMW for 1939, he raced in car and motorcycle GPs on alternate weekends. He began the year with a sensational win in the IoM TT and a second in the French GP for Auto Union. A crash in Sweden...

Page 49 of May 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, May 1998

Bellow yellow

Jacques Swaters founded Ecurie Francorchamps to tune Fiat 1100s. He built it into one of the finest racing teams of its era. Chris Nixon meets the man to discuss his lifetime in motorsport Garage Francorchamps is a distinct misnomer for the edifice greeting visitors to Jacques Swaters' Ferrari emporium. Situated in a large industrial area not far from Brussels airport the Garage is, in fact, an...

Page 65 of February 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 65, February 1998

Young bloods

After Ascari’s death in 1955, Luigi Musso and Eugenio Castellotti fought for his mantle as Italy’s top driver. Chris Nixon charts the brief and tragic careers of two great rivals. "Listen lads, you won’t have to work too hard to win this race. At the start, I'll set the rhythm. You follow me, and you won't shred your tyres. Ten laps from the end, I'll pull over, and then you two, between you, can...

Page 44 of November 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, November 2013

Reeds all about it

Reading the recent correspondence about Roy Salvadori investigating the lake at Oulton Park, he wasn't the only driver at the 1962 Gold Cup Touring Car race to have a 'pool' car. Alan Hutcheson was having a storming race in the Barwell Motors Riley 1.5, dicing with John Love's Mini Cooper when he lost it at Knickerbrook on the final lap and somersaulted into the reeds to the outside of the bend....

Page 95 of July 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 95, July 1999

Stories of Uhlenhaut

I hope those who went to Donington on May 23 will think of Rudi Uhlenhaut, the engineer who was so much a part of the Mercedes-Benz racing organisation. Jenks told me when he was in Stuttgart he would chat with Uhlenhaut and have a fast run with him in the latest model. On one occasion Uhlenhaut thrashed a Mercedes over the mountains but on returning to Stuttgart slowed down to a sober pace. "...

Page 42 of December 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, December 2012

Lacking occasion

Lacking occasion Sir, I made my third visit to the Goodwood Revival on the Saturday of this year's event. I had not planned to attend this year with disposable income being less plentiful these days, but the announcement of the Silver Arrows 'demo race' changed all that. I booked my tickets forthwith and began re-reading Chris Nixon's excellent Racing the Silver Arrows in anticipation. Walking...



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