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Page 43 of November 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, November 1978

Fiesta Time in Mexico

"God Bless Freddie Laker!" As I write this the air-fares war which he started is spreading like a bush fire. So, with any luck, next year it will be possible to get to Mexico for not much more than a first-class return to mid Scotland on British Rail. It's the holiday place for retired people who are impoverished by inflation eroded savings. There are, of course, for civil servants with index...

Page 99 of April 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 99, April 2002

Case of the lost aero car

Just what was the exciting aero-engined car the late Lord Donegall had when he was up at Oxford? A Sherlock Holmes addict, Donegall edited the Baker Street Journal, but when, 50 years later, he decided to write his autobiography, he could remember little about the car. The car was known as an HS and Donegall believed it might have been the famous Count Zborowski Higham Special. But his inability...

Page 19 of November 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, November 1933


RACING MARQUES GREAT BENTLEY The first car. THE name of Bentley was by no means unknown in the racing world before the first car bearing it ever made its appearance. All followers of the sport in pre-War days remembered " W.O. on his little D.F.P. in the 1914 T.T., and the plucky performance which he put up. When, therefore, directly after the war it became known that he was going to produce a...

Page 29 of October 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, October 1950


HISPANO-SUIZA REVISITED by KENT KARSLAKE WHEN some time ago 1 was seeking to arrange insurance cover for an Ilis-panoSitiza car, I was informed that the underwriters, specialists in motor insurance, were not particularly keen to accept the risk, as " they had never heard of an Hispano-Suiza." was rather disc/imaged ; hut it is in consequence all the more heart-warming that. My somewhat, .0:at.Txu...

Page 7 of November 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, November 1947

Worthwhile Journey

The article by Mr. F. E. Ellis. describing his rebuilt 16-valve twin o.h. camshaft Aston-Martin, which we published in Motor Sport for June, 1947, aroused considerabIe interest, particularly on the part a Lt.-Col. Clive Gallop, who was intimately concerned in the evolution and development of these cars for the late Count Zhorowski and who drove one or them in the French G.P. of 1922. Accordingly...

Page 72 of October 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, October 1995

Whitney Straight - Racing Driver

I find it astonishing that, whereas books have been written about so many racing drivers, from those of the pioneer days, through the interim periods, to the present day, nothing has appeared, so far as I can recollect, about Whitney Straight, or Earl Howe' for that matter. So, although it is scarcely possible to do full justice to any driver in a magazine article, the young American driver was...

Page 64 of January 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, January 1986

The Editor Brings Together — Two B & M Aston-Martins

The Bamford and Martin Aston-Martins were made a long time ago, in quite small numbers, but interest in them has never been greater, thanks to the research into their history by the AMOC. Justifiably, because they were hand-built sporting cars of immaculate conception that made a considerable contribution to British competition success.. Consequently, I thought it would be worthwhile to bring...

Page 21 of June 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, June 1931


THE "DOUBLE-TWELVE." M.G. MIDGETS GAIN FIRST FIVE POSITIONS AND WIN BOTH TEAM AND CLASS AWARDS IN UNINTERESTING :: RACE. :: THOSE spectators who had read the notes on the Double Twelve in the last issue of MOTOR SvoRT came fully prepared to watch an event of technical interest rather than a thrilling race, and so were able to get the most out of watching the performances of their favourite makes...

Page 10 of May 1928 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, May 1928


GREAT RACING MARQUES. XIII.—ASTON-MARTIN. By E. K. H. KARSLAKE. THE small sports car which to-day is so universally popular is a comparatively recent phenomenon in the history of the motor car. In the early days, if one wanted a fast car, one selected the highestpowered machine which was made by the firm which one favoured. If a millionaire, one probably succeeded in obtaining something of even...

Page 45 of October 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, October 1955

What Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang is Really Like

Not Content with Legend, the Editor Takes to the Road in this Fabulous Aeroplane-engined Motor Car Count Zborowski was a picturesque figure of the "gay 'twenties," with his remarkable practical jokes, memorable house-parties, his garages at Higham and his aeroplane-engined Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bangs. Small wonder that legends were woven around these fabulous Brooklands cars — of how each huge...



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