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Page 138 of July 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 138, July 2010

Taking up the reins in racing

When George Duller looked around for alternative challenges to a life in the saddle he quickly lit on the four-wheeled arena The steeplechase jockey and trainer George Duller, who had been Champion Jockey in 1918, took up motor racing in 1921, mainly at Brooklands, and on his fourth attempt that year had a win in Captain Noel Macklin’s Silver Hawk with a fastest lap of 72.18mph. In 1922 his wife...

Page 5 of November 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 5, November 1943

Veteran types XXVI

A 1924 Grand Prix Sunbeam by Anthony S. Heal the present owner After their historic victory in the 1923 Grand Prix at Tours the Sunbeam Company were not content to rest on their laurels but made a determined effort to produce another world-beating design for the following year's race. The piece de resistance of the event at Tours had undoubtedly been the employment of forced induction on the 8-...

Page 82 of January 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 82, January 1986

Veteran - Edwardian - Vintage

Fragments of forgotten makes No 68: The Dawson A car which was almost a lost cause before it was announced appeared lust after the Armistice, in the form of the Dawson. At that time it was generally foreseen that in the prevailing economic situation following the most punishing war yet fought, small-engined economical cars would be in demand. Those who set out to meet this requirement. yet sought...

Page 108 of May 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 108, May 1982

Nothing new...

THOSE who watched the BBC coverage of last month's Grand National steeplechase will have seen the rider who was leading a preceding race by an enormous margin turn on to the National course from the inner one on which this lesser event was being run, thus losing a race he otherwise must have won very easily. It wasn't explained whether his mount "ran out", whether he failed to resist a lifelong...

Page 92 of March 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 92, March 2000

The Story of Sitges

Our picture of count Zborowski in his miller on the banking at Sitges has resulted in a request for more information about this Spanish track. There is not much to tell. It is clear why the so-called autodrome was built where it was, on the fashionable Spanish coast making it attractive to summer visitors, although it was some 40 miles from Barcelona. The success of Brooklands probably entered...

Page 112 of August 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 112, August 2013

Straight out of Hollywood

When Paul Newman lured F1 champion Nigel Mansell to IndyCar 20 years ago, he promised an adventure. The resulting story was a scriptwriter’s dream Writer Gordon Kirby During the 1990s CART’s IndyCar World Series was booming, attracting big fields and a worldwide following with enough prestige to lure defending Formula 1 champion Nigel Mansell. While the Englishman had been bickering with Frank...

Page 4 of February 1926 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, February 1926


MOTORING SPORTSMEN. Mr. Kenelm Lee Guinness. By THE EDITOR. EVERYONE, who takes the slightest interest in the sporting side of motoring is more or less acquainted with some of the many incidents in the remarkable career of Mr. K. L. Guinness, and it is, therefore, interesting to place a short review of his brilliant additions to the history of motor racing before our readers. Kenelm Guinness was...

Page 72 of January 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, January 1984

"Mohawk" & "Manitou"

Two 12-Cylinder Sunbeam Record-Breakers [The Sunbeam Motor Car Company Ltd of Wolverhampton pioneered the 12-cylinder engine, and it was after study of the racing Sunbeam "Toodles V", described below, by Packard of America that the first successful production V12 car appeared, in the form of the Packard "Twin-Six". Although Louis Coatalen's creation had side valves it was a very fast car, which...

Page 81 of May 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 81, May 1986

Veteran - Edwardian - Vintage

The 4.9-Litre Sunbeams Success after Success far the Indianapolis-engined Cars. Louis Coatalen, Chief Engineer and Director of the Sunbeam Motor Car Co. of Wolverhampton, was a great motor-racing enthusiast, who had sagely copied, literally, the design of a 1913 Ernest Henry twin-cam sixteen-valve Peugeot when planning his team of cars for the 1914 French GP and loM TT. This piratical move...

Page 109 of October 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 109, October 1981


The Concorde flight that had to be aborted during take-off due to tyre trouble — and I am sure the split-second reactions of Captain and crew equal those of racing drivers — makes an excuse to write about tyres. Modern F1 cars usually go through a race without tyre problems, apart from those associated with deciding on the correct rubber-mix for the prevailing weather conditions or pace, unless a...



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