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Page 116 of August 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 116, August 2014

Lunch with... David Brodie

For much of his 50 years in British racing he was a serial winner, and he rubbed shoulders with the Formula 1 crowd as wellWriter Simon Taylor | Photographer James Mitchell As we know, Formula 1 has pretty much taken over the motor sporting world. It gets almost all of the media coverage, almost all of the money and virtually all of the glory. A whole new generation of people who think of...

Page 58 of April 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, April 2013

Last chance saloon

— Insight — Sheene tested a fair few racing cars, F1 chassis among them, but his career on four wheels proved both fleeting and patchy By Richard Heseltine Viewed through the cold gaze of the sceptic, you could argue that Barry Sheene never made a successful transition to racing on four wheels. Except somehow you doubt his heart was ever really in it and it isn't as though opportunities didn't...

Page 42 of January 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, January 2009

Back to the drawing Broad

No, you’re not seeing things: the classic Broadspeed Ford Capri written off in a huge crash at Silverstone in 1973 has been brought back to life By Ed Foster The words ‘replica’ and ‘recreation’ will either evoke little reaction in you or send shivers down your spine. For as long as there have been interesting cars in the world, people – with varying degrees of attention to detail – have made...

Page 23 of March 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, March 1974

Gordon Allen

Gordon Allen is something of an engineering adventurer. His various achievements over the years in the pursuit of engineering enjoyment and motor sport pleasure include designing and constructing a two-cylinder, twin-overhead camshaft racing motorcycle engine, constructing upon Mini gearboxes two four-cylinder, 1.5-litre alloy block engines fitted with adapted Jaguar twin-cam cylinder heads and...

Page 36 of April 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, April 2008

Forgotten hero remembered

Sir, I was intrigued to read Doug Nye’s item about Malcolm Sears. I thought I was the only one who remembered that V8 Tiger and its intrepid driver, whom I always think of with great affection as he was a very decent guy. I well remember Malcolm, who would always come by my spot in the paddock to say hello and ask ‘How are things, Brode?’. Malcolm never talked about himself unless you asked how...

Page 16 of August 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, August 1992

Club Stakes

A controversial deal and the resultant membership backlash has broken friendships and split the British Racing Drivers' Club. The fate of the recently announced joint venture between Silverstone Group and TWR Group, to form Silverstone Motor Group, hangs in the balance. It is a very lop-sided balance at present, and a decidedly thin thread by which the situation is suspended. Quite possibly the...

Page 38 of October 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, October 2003

A special talent, but not a player

Somehow we all felt we knew Ronnie Peterson. In fact, all we really knew about this shy man was that he could drive the wheels off any racing car. This extract from Johnny Tipler's new book — Formula One Superswede — sheds light on the man behind those awesome drifts The group of glamorous figures watching the racing from the inside of the hairpin caught my attention. This cool coterie at the...

Page 50 of April 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, April 1991

Insight -- Brodie Brittain Racing

Around Brittain For Brodie Brittain Racing the commission to produce a turbo conversion for the Mazda MX-5 was a significant step in the development of their business. It took them out of the sphere of what Dave Brodie modestly describes as run of the mill tuning shops. Some mill. The BBR reputation among racing and fast road cognoscenti was already impressive, and it wasn't because they were run...

Page 40 of February 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, February 2011


DSJ was a team playerSir, I do not wish to add fuel to the great team order debate, but I was reading through some back issues of Motor Sport — as I often do — when I came across the following passage by Jenks from the German Grand Prix of 1978 held at, of all places, the Hockenheimring: "Peterson led the race for four laps, until he and Andretti were well clear of the rest of the runners, and...

Page 120 of March 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 120, March 2010

Ford Escort Mk1

The simple but effective Mk1 – in all its variations – might not be so readily available today, but its many successes on track and stage mean it’s still hot propertyBy Richard Heseltine Everything was figured out on the fly, the initial ‘hot’ Escort being a masterwork of improvisation and ingenuity. One that would have some far-reaching consequences for generations of race and rally drivers,...



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