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Page 22 of October 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, October 1933


NEWS FROM THE U.S.A. By our American Correspondent T. MERIWETHER-SMITH. The Elgin and Weidenhoff Races. " p"RED " SHAFER and Fred Frame shared the victory honours at the revival of the famed Elgin Trophy Road Races in Elgin, Illinois, on August 26th, the first strictly road racing event held in the United States in 13 years. An enthusiastic crowd of 29,000 cheered the return of this popular form...

Page 41 of April 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, April 1935

Cummings Shatters Diesel Records.

NEWS FROM THE U.S.A. BY Our American Correspondent T. MERIWETHER-SMITH Cummings Shatters Diesel Records. Bill Cummings, winner of the Indianapolis race last year and national AAA -champion, set a new record for oil burning machines at Daytona Beach, March 1st, at an average speed of 137.195 -miles per hour. Earlier in the week Cummings had raced 133.023 miles per hour to break the mark set up by...

Page 38 of August 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, August 1998

Oil on the track

If a diesel racing car sounds silly, you’l be surprised as its rivals were to learn that one claimed pole for the Indy 500. Matthew Franey reports Pub quiz question 4,643: name the only diesel-engined car to take pole position in a Formula One World Championship event. It's a bit of a trick question really, for the car that clinched that pole never raced on the Grand Prix tracks of Europe nor saw...

Page 27 of February 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, February 1933


HERE AND THERE The Value of a Clean Sump. UNDOUBTEDLY one of the essential points to be considered if a long life is desired from an engine is that the lubricating oil should be free from any foreign matter. Unfortunately, in the process of running-in, a considerable amount of fine metal is bound to find its way into the sump as the bearings and pistons wear their working surfaces, and if this is...

Page 38 of June 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, June 1934


NEWS FROM THE U.S.A. LOUIE MEYER WINS ASCOT ROAD RACE AND OAKLAND 250-MILES CLASSIC WITHIN A WEEK— INDIANAPOLIS HUMS WITH PRE-RACE ACTIVITY. BY Our American Correspondent T. MERIVVETHER-SMITH THE 1928-29-33 National Racing Champion, Louie Meyer, has inaugurated his 1934 season with two brilliant victories in long, gruelling stock car races in California. Meyer was fourth in his first start of the...

Page 10 of March 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, March 1935


NEWS FROM THE U.S.A. Miller Building Cars. HARRY MILLER, famous builder of race cars in the States, is busy constructing five machines in Detroit, Michigan, according to reports in a California motor magazine. These machines, the periodical states, will be raced in European events during the summer, and will probably be handled by picked American cracks. Ernie Weil, once associated with Miller on...

Page 15 of July 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, July 1933

Louis Meyer wins Indianapolis at record speed

Meyer joins Tommy Milton in winning race for second time. Four killed in many accidents. Stock Studebakers 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th. By our American correspondent T. MERIWETHER-SMITH DRIVING with brilliant skill and consistency, Louis Meyer, 29-year old Californian, swept down the finishing straight of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway late in the afternoon of May 30th, winner of the 21st...

Page 16 of July 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, July 1934


NEWS FROM THE U.S.A. "WILD BILL" CUMIVIINGS WINS INDIANAPOLIS 500-MILE CLASSIC — THREE DRIVERS ESCAPE DEATH IN TERRIBLE CRACK-UPS—ROSE, DRIVING BRILLIANTLY, IS SECOND. BY Our American Correspondent T. MERIWETHER-SMITH ATTRACTED by a field of crack racing drivers unsurpassed in the history of the track, thrilled by an entry list of racing machines of practically every known type now racing in the...

Page 46 of October 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, October 2012

Alternating currents

Arguments over its nationality swing back and forth, but 50 years on, the Cobra, with its Yankee muscle and British breeding, is still too big for one passport Even now, few cars exercise such huge gravitational pull as a Cobra. This Anglo-American hybrid didn’t scream ‘zeitgeist’ when it rocketed into the public eye back in 1962. There was no great leap forward; no breaking of moulds or pushing...

Page 18 of July 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, July 1934


A PEDIGREE OF THE CARS AT INDIANAPOLIS THE following is 4 brief description of the cars that started the 500 Miles Race :Kelly Petillo-Red Lion. This car is a four-cylinder, Miller built. Wilbur Shaw-Lion Head Special. His , car is an eight, Miller built. The car Mauri Rose drove last year, and the one with which Howard Wilcox finished second in 1932. Frank I3risko-F. W. D. four-cylinder, Miller-...



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