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Page 29 of December 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, December 2012

No headline

s I was doing one of my periodic office clear-outs recently, for some reason I began to think about phone conversations — sitting in that chair, at that desk — down the years. My office sits at the far end of the garden, and there have been times when circumstances have dictated that I've been in there round the clock. One such was May 2, 1994, the day after Ayrton Senna's death at Imola, when I'...

Page 12 of August 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, August 1967

Continental Notes

Usually when the Le Mans 24-hour race is finished we hear no more from the district of Sarthe until the end of the year, when the regulations for the next event are published. This year it has been a different story for ever since the end of the 24-hour race the Automobile Club de l'Ouest and its dignitaries have been closely involved with members of the C.S.I. in actions contrary to the rules of...

Page 23 of September 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, September 1967

Continental Notes

That go-ahead club, the B.R.S.C.C., under the direction of Nick Syrett, last month took the bull by the horns and made a stand against the bureaucracy of the R.A.C. and the F.I.A. on the subject of the capacity limits for long distance racing. It will be recalled that the day after the Le Mans 24-hour race a group of men representing the sporting interests of their countries got together and...

Page 19 of February 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, February 1974

Matters of moment

The 50 MPH speed limit We are not, thank you St. Christopher, politicians. But we are prepared to believe that there are good reasons for carefully conserving fuel of all kinds. Whether or not petrol is properly rationed by the time these words appear in print, the high cost of this essential spirit makes personal conservation of it of considerable moment to most of us. Having said that, we still...

Page 19 of November 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, November 1966

Rally Review

MAKINEN CHASING EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP THREE CITIES RALLY Results: GENERAL CLASSIFICATION 1st: T. Makkinen/P. Easter (1275 Cooper S) 3,253.2 penalties2nd: L. Cella/ L. Lombardini (Lancia Fulvia) 3,397.0 "3rd: L. Nasenius/F. Sager (Opel Reckord 1700) 3,446.0 "4th: A. Cavallari/D. Salvay (Alfa Romeo GTA) 3,466.6 "5th: W. Gass/G. Frey (Porsche 911) 3,528.2 " ALTHOUGH rallies organised by more than...

Page 15 of April 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, April 1958

Matters of moment

The return of the English racing season After a particularly hard winter it is good to contemplate the coming motor racing season. This month English motor racing gets off to a good start. At Easter the B.A.R.C. will organise its Bank Holiday Monday Meeting at the improved Goodwood circuit, a meeting which will include a 100-mile F1 race, which it it is hoped will attract entries of B.R.M.,...

Page 78 of December 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, December 2008

Lunch with... Professor Sid Watkins

His efforts have helped to transform safety in Formula 1, to the benefit of us all. Through almost three decades ‘Prof’ came to be loved by the drivers, and none more so than Senna By Simon Taylor In the relentless theatre of Formula 1, the members of the complex cast – drivers, team chiefs, designers, organisers, circuit owners, officials – may be liked, admired, respected, even feared. But...

Page 66 of August 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, August 1964

Letters from Readers

IGNORE IGNITERS? Sir, No doubt you are interested in the reception of wares advertised in your excellent magazine. I enclose a copy of a letter I am sending to the suppliers of Spitfire Jet Igniters. I find it difficult to believe that my experience is unique. E. F. Foss. Beaworthy. The letter referred to reads as follows :- To L.S.H. Productions Ltd., Mail Order Dept., 42, Park St., W.1. Dear...

Page 66 of June 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, June 2003

Mid-life prizes

Don Parker didn't begin racing until he was past 40 and yet he became one of Britain's most successful drivers of the 1950s — a match for Stirling Moss no less in the cut and thrust of Formula Three. Mike Lawrence profiles one of the most unlikely stars of the sport Next time you read that so-and-so has scored a record number of victories in Formula Three, reflect that in the 1950s, Don Parker...

Page 16 of December 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, December 1967

Continental Notes

In France there has been-something of a revolution in the administration sphere of motor racing, which could well have far-reaching effects, though at the moment the full repercussions have yet to take place. Briefly, a young and virile organisation has obtained Government permission to take over control of French motor racing, and have said they will overthrow the F.I.A. However, it is not as...



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