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Page 71 of April 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 71, April 1990

Book Reviews

Riley-RM Series By James Taylor. MRP, Unit 6, The PiIton Estate, 46 Pitlake, Croydon CR 3RY. 192 pp. £29.95. The vintage and pvt Rileys have received very complete coverage in book form and now James Taylor has given the same treatment to the RM-Series cars of this respected make. The amount of very detailed data on the Rileys which the Nuffield organisation built just prior to WW2 and which...

Page 72 of April 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, April 1978


Sir, With regard to the 3-litre double o.h.c. Armstrong-Siddeley, I can confirm that this car was indeed designed by W.O. Bentley. I was employed by Armstrong-Siddeley Motors from mid-1949 to mid-1953, in the aero-engine development division, but as it is not a very big factory the car and aero-engine people all knew each other and the car parts were machined in the same shops as the aero-engines...

Page 50 of December 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, December 1979

"The Amazing Bugattis" Exhibition

"The Amazing Bugattis" Exhibition, thought up by Hugh Conway, CBE, and put on very tastefully indeed at the Royal College of Arts in London, is now over. But its impact will be felt for a long time to come. Never before, even when they were in production, can Bugatti cars have achieved greater publicity. The Bugatti OC had its Reception and Viewing of this remarkable Exhibition on October 20th,...

Page 36 of December 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, December 1979

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

A section devoted to old-car matters The Dawn of "The Daimler" Last month's issue of Motor Sport had quite a Daimler flavour to it, what with my description of an outing up Shelsley Walsh in the British Leyland Heritage/Coventry Museum's fine big Edwardian of that make, and my article about the motor-cars of Mr. Bolton, a gentleman who had a preference for Daimlers and drove them at Shelsley...

Page 64 of February 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, February 1997

W O After Lagonda

Sir, The account in your January issue of W O Bentley's work for Armstrong-Siddeley after leaving Lagonda was fascinating. However, I believe the caption accompanying the large picture on page 61 to be incorrect. This shows W O, Stan lvermee, C W Sewell and (on the left) Donald Bastow round a six-cylinder engine on the test bench. Far from being the Armstrong-Siddeley project it is surely the...

Page 60 of April 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, April 1980

Book reviews

"The Complete Book of Electric Vehicles" by Sheldon R. Shacket. 168 pp. 11" x 8" (Davidson Publishing Limited, 109 Southampton Row, London WC18 4HH. £3.95).  In an age when we are continually being told that liquid motor-fuels may run out in the near future, a panic which seems to have been raising its alarming head at least 80 years ago, there is bound to be growing interest in alternative fuels...

Page 106 of May 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 106, May 1978

Straightening W.O.'S record

Sir, The various items in your magazine about the 3-litre Armstrong Siddeley have been very interesting. I have already written to Mr. Boddy about his original contribution. Now I have just seen the letters from Geoffrey Healey and K. G. Gilling. I feel I should enlighten the latter on various points: first, the Invicta "Black Prince" engine was not designed by W.O., but by W. G. Watson, who had...

Page 53 of March 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 53, March 1978

That Bentley-designed Armstrong Siddeley

Sir, Having just read of your bewilderment by a reference to W. O. Bentley having been connected with the design of post-war Armstrong Siddeley cars, may I say that this was a well-believed myth in motor industry circles in the Midlands around the 1950 period. It was known that W.O. had been retained as a consultant by Armstrong Siddeley and everyone then jumped to the conclusion that he was...

Page 77 of January 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 77, January 1994

V-C miscellany

Donald Parker has sent the accompanying photograph of Leslie Ballamy showing the Model-A Ford he was running up to his death to John Willis and Donald Bastow. Naturally it was fitted with the LMB divided-front-axle ifs, which Ballamy had commercialised before the war, for cars with transverse springs, but which made the Ford ineligible for VSCC events, although had the conversion been done before...

Page 36 of April 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, April 1979

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

A section devoted to old-car matters Some Thoughts About Bentleys I reviewed Donald Bastow's book about the engineering aspects of all the Walter Bentley products, from BR rotary aero-engines to the post-war Lagondas, last month ("W. O. Bentley Engineer" by Donald Bastow, Haynes, 1978). But it is rather heavy going, which I have been absorbing slowly, coming upon some more interesting items on...



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