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Page 90 of December 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 90, December 1977

Formula Two Review - The French Bow Out with Another Title

At the vast Estoril Autodrome in Portugal, little Rene Arnoux finally clinched the 1977 European Formula Two title in his Martini-Renault Mk. 22. He finished second in the October 1st penultimate round to put the coveted Championship safely out of reach of his few remaining rivals. Mindful of the bitter disappointment in 1976 when the Championship was stolen from his grasp in that incredible...

Page 61 of March 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 61, March 2005

Bolton performance

Chevron -- the 'Lotus of the North' -- is 40 this year. Paul Fearnley and Damien Smith sample four of its most important cars and tell the story of Derek Bennett, the genius behind them, photography by James Mann Haslam's Mill, Chorley Old Road, Bolton. As addresses go, it's hardly racy. Which suited Derek Bennett down to the ground. When a Lotus won, Colin Chapman would leap into the middle of...

Page 27 of March 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, March 1972

Daytona Six-Hours

Ferrari foremost again Daytona, Florida, February 6th. For a number of years a rather unnecessarily long 24-hour event, this year following the recent FIA ruling, the organisers of the Daytona event decided to shorten their race to a more compact six hours and consequently it did at least prove exciting in parts. This event remained as the second round of the World Manufacturers' Sports Car...

Page 66 of June 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, June 1995

Lancashire hot shot

The name of Chevron is so familiar that it's almost a surprise to remember that it was a major manufacturer only for about 12 years. The car that put the company on the map was the B8, still highly successful in Historic racing. The main force behind Chevron was one man: Derek Bennett, who first made his reputation as a midget racer on Northern speedway tracks during the 1950s. He was a fine...

Page 52 of August 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, August 2002

Fifteen minutes of fame - wingless flight

Named after New Zealand's answer to the nightingale, Tui briefly made beautiful music in the early 1970s. Nick Phillips remembers the day it almost came home to roost A chassis that was competitive at international level five years after it first appeared seems a strange choice for a piece entitled 15 Minutes of Fame. However, the glory days in Europe were few for a remarkable car that arose from...

Page 72 of August 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, August 2008

(No) Lunch with... Keke Rosberg

The 1982 Word Champion puts his success down to hard work rather than talent, but there's been plenty of that in evidence too By Simon Taylor According to Keke Rosberg, getting to the top in Formula 1 requires one of two things: “A lot of talent, or a lot of hard work. Nelson Piquet, for example, never wanted to work very hard, but he did have a great talent. Ayrton Senna was special, because for...

Page 62 of May 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, May 2012

Trans-Atlantic Roots

Raw, youthful Gilles Villeneuve set sail in North America's single-seater shallows. It was a tough voyage that would lead him directly to the shores of F1By Gordon Kirby Back in 1973, Gilles Villeneuve was a young snowmobile champion in his native Quebec unknown to most motor racing people even in la Belle Province, let alone the rest of the world. Gilles used some of his snowmobiling prize money...

Page 78 of October 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, October 1977

Formula Two Review

Arnoux's title? With just two races to go in last year's Formula Two Championship, the plucky little Frenchman Rene Arnoux looked so to win the European title. His Martini-Renault was ahead on points after three outright wins, and he was driving well. Yet, as it turned out, the coveted Championship was stolen from his grasp at the eleventh hour when Jean-Pierre Jabouille snatched the overall...

Page 32 of May 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, May 1974

F2 Review

Stuck the unbeatable The European Formula Two Championship which started at the splendid Montjuich Park circuit at Barcelona on March 24th looks like being dominated yet again by the Anglo-German alliance of the March chassis and BMW engines. The works car, driven by 23-year-old Hans Stuck, was unbeatable in the opening round in Spain, and the impressive young German followed up his first single-...

Page 114 of April 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 114, April 2009

Chevron B6/B8

Derek Bennett never was one to be consumed by low ambitions. An intuitive and hugely gifted engineer, nobody worked harder at Haslam’s Mill, Chorley Old Road, Bolton; Chevron’s spiritual home. Usually the first to arrive and last to leave, the fame-avoiding marque founder inspired his troops by example. What he lacked in formal education, Bennett more than made up for in practical, real-world...



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