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Page 17 of July 1930 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, July 1930


TIFIIE JUNICIQ 11.1. MANY wonderful races have taken place over the famous island course, but few, if any, will live longer in the memory of those who witnessed it, than the 1930 Junior T.T. Although on rare occasions in the past the first three places have been annexed by one make, there has never been a victory so complete as the Rudge Whitworth performance of this year. This was no case of...

Page 22 of May 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, May 1947

Club News

We Hear R. W. Pollack knows of ten keen Frazer-Nash owners in the Birmingham area. His own Black burn-engined "Shelsley" Frazer-Nash is being fitted with a Clyde supercharger by Chris. Shorrock. Leslie Seyd has very thoroughly rebuilt the ex-Shakespeare 1913 "12/14" Mors and also has the 1912 14-h.p. Gregoire. L. W. Thomas is building a 2-seater "special", using 3 in. by 16-g. tubular chassis...

Page 35 of December 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, December 1977

Looking back with Mr.H.W.Butcher

From time to time Mr. Harold Butcher has shown interest in items about happenings in the Herefordshire country where he grew up which have appeared in Motor Sport and, realising that he knew intimately the Motor Trade during its formative years, I asked him to tell me more. His father, Mr. George Henry Butcher (1875-1961) began his transport connections in the cycle-business, being Works Manager...

Page 6 of November 1946 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, November 1946

Motor-Cycles Faster than Cars up Shelsley Walsh

E. Lyons (498-c.c. Triumph) clocks 39.44 sec.; Raymond Mays (E.R.A.) 39.57 sec. A very instructive invitation meeting. John Bolster makes fastest "unblown" time. For the first time since 1912 both motor-cycles and cars competed at a Shelsley Walsh meeting. On October 5th Leslie Wilson and the Midland Automobile Club invited selected car drivers, motor-cycle riders and combination manipulators to...

Page 3 of December 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, December 1948


MATTERS OF THE MOMENT PUBLICITY-I The importance of publicity in almost all present-day commercial undertakings needs no emphasis. Consequently, the R.A.C. and the J.C.C. can congratulate themselves that their races at Silverstone and Goodwood received an unusually good Press. The ,society papers covered Goodwood and amongst unexpected publicity for Silverstone was a useful illustrated write-up...

Page 44 of June 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, June 1974

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

A section devoted to old-car matters VSCC Silverstone meeting The Vintage SCC had every reason to be pleased with its first 1974 race meeting, which attracted a big crowd, some "new" cars, was devoid of accidents, and had generally fine, if bitter, weather. The High Speed Trial, reduced from 60 to 40 minutes duration to conserve global fuel resources, had a distinct French element, with two...

Page 56 of October 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, October 1972

Book reviews

"Air-Cooled Automotive Engines", by Julius Mackerle, M.E. 518 pp. 8¾ in x 5 4/5 in. (Charles Griffin & Co. Ltd., 42, Drury Lane, London, WC2. £8.00.) This is the second, fully revised edition of a truly comprehensive work which looks at every aspect of the air-cooling of automotive internal-combustion engines and thereby makes out a strong case for dispensing with coolant fluid and radiators...

Page 10 of July 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, July 1949

Reports of Recent Events

Grand Prix De Bruxelles This Formula II (not "B" as some would have it) race was a battle between the G.P.-type Ferraris with the sports V12 2-litre engines installed, the 1,430-c.c. Simcas, the 2-litre Veritas cars and O. Moore's O.B.M. Moore made the fastest practice lap in the first session, in heavy rain, but retired in the race itself. The G.P. Ferrari chassis is apparently better suited to...

Page 34 of June 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, June 1931

the a.c.u tourist trophy

The A.C.U. Tourist Trophy TMERE is no more thrilling event available to the inhabitants of these islands than the A.C.U. Tourist Trophy Races. The struggles which have taken place over this famous course make these races something which every sporting motorist, whether normally addicted to two wheels or four, is eager to see if possible. Whatever difficulties may beset other sides of motorracing...

Page 45 of July 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, July 1931


THE I.O.M. TOURIST TROPHY. THE JUNIOR RACE ON last year's form everyone was inclined to expect another Rudge victory in this year's Junior. In the I.O.M., however, victory is not easily gained or held and although this year's Rudge machines were slightly faster than before, the Norton camp have found a great deal more speed in their latest design than their rivals had bargained for. When their...



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