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Page 33 of February 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, February 1938


EYSPONT'S OWN STORY WORLD'S FASTEST DRIVER GIVES PERSONAL ACCOUNT OF HIS RECORDS AT THE SALT FLATS SINCE; his return to England in triumph from the U.S.A., the penalties of the successful record-breaker have fallen upon George Eyston. A whirl of social activity has occupied his time, for all kinds of bodies throughout the country have been anxious to do honour to the fastest man on earth. George...

Page 3 of May 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, May 1943

The Bamford & Martin Astons

Some notes by F. W. Ellis The earlier Aston-Martin cars, made by Messrs. Bamford & Martin, Ltd., of London, under Lionel Martin's supervision, before the present company came into being at Feltharn to build cars to Bertelli's designs, are now amongst the rarer of the vintage sports cars. Nevertheless, they still arouse much interest, and are of such exclusive design that we have no hesitation...

Page 101 of April 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 101, April 1998


The 750 MC, formed in 1939 to encourage Austin 7s to compete against other baby cars when they were too often up against Ford V8s and Allards, etc, is active and well established. A section of the membership is concerned to use standard A7s and wish to restore their cars to original specification. Many books guide them in the matters of history and technicalities and those who need detailed data...

Page 6 of September 1941 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, September 1941

club news

e4 liaa4 WE HEAR . . . . . . G. L. Benbrough brought his 1903 6-h.p. single-cylinder Speedwell dogcart from Reading to the " Ely " Hotel, on the Hartford Bridge Flats, on a recent Sunday, with his wife and son as passengers. This car bears plaques of numerous rallies and its service in the last war, and it is now in regular business use, with a comparatively modern Claudel Hobson carburetter and...

Page 42 of July 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, July 1976

Veteran - Edwardian - Vintage

A section devoted to old-car matters World-Wide Bentley Day It was typical of Stanley Sedgwick, President of the Bentley DC. Recognising that May 23rd of this year was the 40th Anniversary of the first run of the then-newlyformed BDC he not only beseeched all members to take their Bentleys out on the road that day but told them he would sit-in by his telephone in Cobham, Surrey, to receive...

Page 4 of March 1925 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, March 1925


THE EVOLUTION OF THE SPORTING CAR. By LIONEL MARTIN (Designer of the Aston-Martin Car). a purely historical point of view the story of the evolution of the sporting car is soon told, it is a comparatively recent introduction into the of wheels. Racing cars have undergone various of construction since long distance records were established by vehicles boasting engines of if h.p. have been huge...

Page 20 of September 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, September 1943

Letters from readers

Sir, Herewith the answer to the great Lory crankpin mystery. Referring to the original text of Lory's paper I see that he suggests rollers 6.5 mm. diameter by 12.7 mm. He then goes on to say that he likes a "bielle" of 18 mm. "largeur," and having tested this word out on a French technical acquaintance, he says that Lory meant this to refer to the width of the crankpin. I think there can be...

Page 29 of August 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, August 1933

Club News

BRITISH RACING DRIVERS' CLUB. THE Supplementary Regulations for the annual 500 Miles Race are now available. The event will take place on September 16th, the limit cars being sent away at 11 a.m. The faster machines will be sent off in batches until finally the scratch men will be given the signal to start at 12h. 21m. 27s. Cars entered must be capable of lapping the Track at 80 m.p.h., and must...

Page 68 of November 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, November 1993

What killed Zborowski?

At one time I was reticent about publishing photographs of fatal motor racing accidents in my books or in MOTOR SPORT. It seemed rather distasteful and even disrespectful. However, since William Court's interestingly morbid Grand Prix Requiem (Patrick Stephens 1992, £20) has been published and a contemporary magazine has used pictures of the horrible crash at Brooklands when Joseph Paul (not Hall...

Page 16 of May 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, May 1937


THIRTY YEARS OF BROOKLANDS Thirty long years have elapsed since the late Mr. H. F. Locke-King built Brooklands Track for the British Motor Industry, an undertaking paid for privately by this far-sighted sportsman, and for which he never received any congratulation or compensation by the Government, either of that day or the years that followed. This year the new road circuit designed by Sir...



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