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Page 57 of November 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 57, November 1957


The Standard Eight - or What Price the Miniature Car? We are following with great interest the swarm of miniature cars from European factories, but to take a realistic view of this development is to ask oneself whether their time is yet. If a slump comes, which Heaven forbid, although it sometimes seems inevitable, probably yes. But at present in this country the baby car, as distinct from the...

Page 37 of February 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, February 1982

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

Motoring Memories North Tipperary and elsewhere, 1920 onwards The particular part of North Tipperary lies in a triangle with points at the bridge over the Shannon at Portumna, Birr and Nenagh. In the motoring sense the district has one sure claim to distinction in that in the first decade of this century there lived at Belle Isle, near Portumna. Charles Segrave. His son, de Hare, was...

Page 23 of April 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, April 1973

British Leyland's brand new car

—a speculative essay— A MOMENTOUS event in the motoring world is scheduled for next month—the story will be released in the June MOTOR SPORT namely, the announcement of the first truly new model produced by BL since the Corporation was formed, absorbing the BMC and its subsidiary concerns, and Lord Stokes took the helm. Such an event gives rise to much speculation, as the release-date of the new...

Page 66 of June 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, June 1958


N.B.—Opinions expressed are those of our Correspondents and " Motor Sport " does not necessarily associate itself with them.—Ed ROLLS-ROYCE QUALITY Sir, Having owned nearly all Rolls-Royce and Bentley models, both pre-and post-war, and also having rebuilt accident-damaged ears of both these makes and every other high-grade post-war British car, I feel my observations may be of interest to your...

Page 50 of January 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, January 2014


A life on the ocean wave? An interesting article by Damien Smith last month – I’d forgotten David Richards was a maritime anorak. I watched the 2013 America’s Cup and you raised an intriguing thought: could we see a David Richards-managed, Adrian Newey-designed yacht crewed by Ben Ainslie in a few years? I’m sure British industry and backers would get behind that.Mike George, EdinburghWe asked...

Page 3 of July 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, July 1938


READERS' SPARE PARTS FOR SALE AND WANTED FOR SALE Anzani engine, s.v., one rod and piston missing, cheap Austin Seven, Zenith vertical carburetter, cylinder head gasket, new swivel pin bushes, 2 pair anti-roll springs chassis only with Brookiands engine and gearbox. H.C. head, tulip valves, high lift camshaft, aluminium pistons, pressure crankshaft, outside exhaust mani fold and one large...

Page 16 of February 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, February 1963

Veteran - Edwardian - Vintage

A Section Devoted to Old-Car Matters "Driving a 'bus in a rush hour is very like vintage car racing; it demands neatness and accuracy"—from "Busman's View" by C.R. Wason (Allen & Unwin, 1958), which contains other unexpected references to vintage-car motoring. *     *     * There were only two pre-war cars at the V.S.C.C. "Phoenix" evening in January. Appropriately these were p.v.t. "Chain...



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