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Page 52 of August 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, August 2014


Motor Racing The Pursuit of Victory 1963-1972 Steve Wyatt The second in Veloce’s unpretentious Pursuit of Victory series picks up where the previous volume left off, with contributions from Lotus mechanic Bob Dance accompanying the author’s snaps and memories. Wyatt’s recollections jump here, there and everywhere, but the concept works since his time as a marshal gave him close-up views. The best...

Page 36 of March 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, March 2010

A rich Poole of talent

Sir, I was pleased to see the word Penske on February’s cover, as Indycar machines are too often regarded as being unsophisticated compared to an F1 car. During the 22 years I ran Penske Cars I lost count of the times I was asked about the differences: my response was to liken one to a horse for flat racing, the other to a jumper – essentially the same animal but with very different objectives...

Page 46 of February 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, February 2010

Pride of the Penske gene Pool

This all-American racer was the final winning car built for the US team in Dorset. It wasn’t the most successful Penske, but its explosive acceleration still exhilaratesBy Andrew Frankel It takes time for certain cars to assume their place in history. Cars that achieve firsts are easy to recognise and remember, for their importance is clear to see from the moment they achieve their fame. But what...

Page 100 of April 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 100, April 2013

Salt-free diet

Restoring the Bonneville record car presented an unusual set of problems for Dawn Treader Even years after the record run at Bonneville, the Honda RA106 was still suffering from the salt, which was making the machine rust so fast it was literally falling apart. Honda quit Formula 1 in 2008 and out of that team came 2009 championship winner Brawn GP A year later, Brawn had sold out to Mercedes....

Page 49 of December 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, December 2012

Driven by design

The greatest racing car designer of his generation was curious: how would it feel it away from the drawing board and be let loose in two of his own creations spanning 20 years of Formula 1 evolution? When Adrian Newey asked, we were thrilled to oblige BY DAMIEN SMITH Early September, a couple of days after the Belgian Grand Prix and a few before the Italian at Monza. Christian Homer has just...


November 2019
Ultimate Porsche: The Most Ruthless Racer Ever Built



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