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Page 16 of June 1945 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, June 1945


Taxation of the over-burdened (i.e., the motorist) is to remain stable for some time to come. The German war may be over by the time these Wanted—A Utility Sports Car words appear. Enthusiasts, many of them returning from the Forces, will be eager to resume sports-car motoring many to so. they have a not inconsiderable problem to face. The cost of living will be high—sufficiently high to depress...

Page 19 of December 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, December 1943

Club news

We hear Eric Vereker, who is responsible for much war-time essential road transport, has been using an "1,100" N.S.U. Fiat Balilla saloon as his latest mount and finds it very satisfactory. The gearbox came to pieces recently but has been repaired. It is interesting, perhaps significant, that much of the interior of the box, such as synchro-mesh design, method of locking gears, etc., is very...

Page 20 of October 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, October 1947

Reports of Recent Events

Comminges G.P. Louis Chiron won the Comminges Grand Prix by .5 sec. from Yves Giraud-Cabantous. Chiron drove a 4 1/2-litre "Lago Sports" single-seater Talbot, Cabantous a 4-litre Talbot. So far as Chiron was concerned, the race, over 205 miles of the St. Gaudens circuit, occupied 2 hrs. 35 min. 37.4 sec., an average of 78.74 m.p.h. in spite of heavy rain. Chaboud's 4-litre Talbot was third and...

Page 3 of June 1946 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, June 1946

Wet at Prescott!

Raymond Mays (E.R.A.) makes f.t.d. Whitehead's E.R.A. next fastest. Perfect organisation and a big crowd. H.R.G. the fastest sports car. Heavy rain failed to "wash out " the first Bugatti Owners' Club Prescott Speed Hill Climb on May 19th. Indeed, all the old, familiar sights were witnessed again by a large crowd of enthusiasts — feverish attempts to start racing machinery in the muddy paddock,...

Page 21 of July 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, July 1947


Dropped Socks? Nineteen forty-six was in the nature of a breather after the long years of war — we were jolly glad to get some sort of motoring sport again and didn't care very much where, how or why it happened. Gransden, run by the Cambridge University A.C., was like chocolate after a dose of quinine! But 1947 is here, and if motor racing, sprints, trials and what have you are to succeed in the...

Page 16 of February 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, February 1943

Club news

We hear . . . W. E. Wilkinson, the Bellevue Garage tuning wizard, is still in the West Country doing important aircraft work, in close company with Percy Pugh, of E.R.A.s. "Wilky" is in the Home Guard and rides a modest push-bicycle these days. Midge Wilby is running a farm by the side of Ferriscourt. D. C. Pitt does war work for which he employs his "P"-type M.G. every day, using 4.75" x 18"...

Page 34 of June 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, June 1950


It was a shock to every follower of motor-racing in this country to learn that, Peter Monkhouse had died of head injuries received when the Healey in which he was riding crashed during the Mille Miglia. Peter loved motor cars almost all his life, certainly he was ardently keen on racing while he was still at Cambridge. He had a decided leaning for the technical aspect and his position as Director...

Page 17 of July 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, July 1944


Wonderful show As we pen these words it is just under a week since the first news of the Second Front came in. but in this short space of time it has been possible to realise what a wonderful show has been put up. At a time like this our thoughts go out to all those motoring enthusiasts who are serving on land, on and under the sea, and in the air. At home, things go on much as usual. Sitting any...

Page 3 of May 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, May 1944


THE THIRD BRAINS TRUST • McCullough as Question Master Donald THE Motoring Brains Trust at the " Rembrandt " on April 16th, for which Rivers-Fletcher was mainly responsible, gained vastly by having Donald McCullough, the B.B.C. Question Master, as its question.master on this occasion. McCullough's particular brand of wit, his understanding of the Sport, and his undisguised appreciation of the 3-...

Page 56 of December 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, December 1996

Alpine Special

Laurence Meredith examines a famous works rally car, and gets to sit where Moss once sat... In our motoring world the measure of a man can usually be gauged not by the amount of power he has at his disposal, but by the manner in which he exercises that power — or in this case a conspicuous lack of it. In 1948 an ex-Talbot salesman, Norman Garrad, set up Rootes' competition department with a view...



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