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Page 119 of November 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 119, November 1980

The Wartime Diaries of an RFC Officer

The Wartime Diaries of an RFC Officer (continued from the October issue) THESE diaries of the Irish Guards Officer who had joined the Royal Flying Corps, whom I am referring to as X, are now at the October 1917 stage. X had collected a Sunbeam racing car from Mr. Dewis, who was Manager of the Mercedes Company in London at that time. This Sunbeam, which could well have been a 1913 Grand Prix car...

Page 19 of October 1951 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, October 1951


CARS I HAVE OWNED AFTER agreeing to the request to write this article, I suddenly realised that I had quite a formidable task on hand. Firstly, because it is generally thought amongst my friends that I cannot even read, let alone write, and secondly because of the quantity and variety of the subject, which ranges over a total of 34 or 33 ears, depending on what date I manage to finish this...

Page 22 of July 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, July 1968

Where Have All The Peugeots Gone?

The Editor attempts to trace the fate of some of the most significant Grand Prix cars of all time (Continued from the June issue) Last month I wrote of those pre-1914 Peugeot racing cars evolved by racing drivers Georges Boillot, Jules Goux and Paul Zuccarelli, with the aid of draughtsman Ernest Henry, which, with their inclined o.h. valves operated by twin overhead camshafts, set a fashion in...

Page 61 of January 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 61, January 1989

Veteran to classic

Sir Alistair Miller, Mr Brooklands! If you had to choose, who would you call "Mr Brooklands"? Parry Thomas, perhaps, who lived there and achieved many great successes with the Leylands and other cars of his own design and construction between 1922 and 1926? Or John Cobb, very much a Track specialist, who took the lap-record to 143.44 mph with the 24-litre Napier Railton? Or GP Harvey-Noble, one...

Page 43 of July 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, July 1981

Royce and That Racing Peugeot

In the May issue I made reference to Edward Eves of Autocar, telling the story of Henry Royce buying the winning 1913 3-litre Coupe de L'Auto Peugeot, in an article he wrote about the origins and development of the Derby-built Bentley cars. I wondered at the time whether Eves had confused this with Louis Coatalen acquiring and copying the engine of this Peugeot, as recounted in Motor Sport for...

Page 63 of October 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 63, October 1981

VSCC at Madresfield

There are few more pleasant places for VSCC driving tests than the drive of Madresfield Court on a hot September afternoon and at the annual frolics there, this year on September 6th, there seemed to be more spectators' cars than competitors, and these exceeded 50, of which six, and a Model-A Ford coupe, doubled-up for the beauty contest. Having flunked the long journey to the venue in a vintage...

Page 49 of January 1985 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, January 1985

The Speed-Model Hillman

The period immediately following the end of the First World War was remarkable for the number of cars, especially small cars, which appeared on the market endowed with sporting bodywork, whereas before the war there were comparatively few such offerings available to ordinary customers. In the first half of the 1920s there was a flood of them and W.O. Bentley was working on his 3-litre Bentley,...

Page 40 of September 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, September 1980

The Wartime Diaries of an RFC Officer

Continued from the August issue Towards the end of May 1917, as was recorded last month, X, as I am calling the writer these diaries, was leading his usual social whirl in London, lunching for instance with Dewis of Mercedes and Count Zborowski, and was using a trusty Fiat tourer. For this car he picked up six cans of petrol (12 gallons, presumably), and drove in it from London to Newmarket in...

Page 81 of May 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 81, May 1986

Veteran - Edwardian - Vintage

The 4.9-Litre Sunbeams Success after Success far the Indianapolis-engined Cars. Louis Coatalen, Chief Engineer and Director of the Sunbeam Motor Car Co. of Wolverhampton, was a great motor-racing enthusiast, who had sagely copied, literally, the design of a 1913 Ernest Henry twin-cam sixteen-valve Peugeot when planning his team of cars for the 1914 French GP and loM TT. This piratical move...

Page 41 of July 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, July 1978

Veteran - Edwardian - Vintage

A section devoted to old-car matters A chat with E. L Bouts Finding myself in Wolverhampton one-time home of "The Sunbeam" the other day I parked the Rover 3500 in a cul-de-sac (to the apparent disgust of a local resident!) and crossed the busy road to the very-smart, up-to-date premises of Bouts Motors; in Merridale Lane, to have a chat with the old Brooklands' driver, Ernest Leslie Bouts. In...



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