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Page 24 of March 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, March 1984

Daytona 24 Hours

Still Porsches, but the Jaguars looked good Speed, colour and variety are three descriptive words which immediately come to mind to describe the Daytona 24-Hour race, opening round of the American IMSA series run the first weekend in February. Seeing no end to the deadlock between FISA and IMSA, Porsche gave their new 962 model its debut on the famous tri-oval track, driven by Mario and Mike...

Page 36 of July 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, July 2003

America's all action hero

'He truly never met a race car that he didn't like. All US racing was clamped in an AJ Foyt stranglehold' Detractors of America's all-action hero point to his rare European forays. But Joe Scalzo argues that Foyt did enough at home to be classed a true great It was a great racing civilisation that America had going for itself in the mid-1960s, and certainly its highlight was getting to watch A J...

Page 56 of November 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, November 1983

Japanese measure up the Porsches

Signs that Group C racing will get stronger, and that the challenge will come from the Orient, were seen in Japan when the Fuji 1,000 Kilometre World Endurance Championship race was run early in October. While Honda involve themselves in Formula 1, both Nissan and Toyota were represented by teams with turbocharged 2.1-litre production-based engines which acquitted themselves well, the Nissan-...

Page 75 of February 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 75, February 2012

Golden days (and nights) at Daytona

Florida’s sports car classic celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2012. Out of some great finishes during that half-century, we pick 10 stand-out races The origins of the Daytona 24 Hours can be found in the name of the track that this month celebrates the 50th birthday of the event. NASCAR founder Bill France Sr had christened the giant facility that emerged from the Florida scrub in 1958 the...

Page 14 of March 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, March 1987

Bell Again

The folklore of Le Mans insists that the 24-hour event in June is the supreme test of cars and drivers, the grand prix of speed and endurance. The French can go on believing that if they wish, but Derek Bell is adamant that the Daytona 24 Hours is far harder, and it is easy to see why. The huge banking, unlike the Mulsanne Straight, does not give the drivers a moment to relax at over 200 mph....

Page 27 of July 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, July 1984

Le Mans 24 Hours

Ninth victory for Porsche Even when they announced their boycott of the Le Mans 24-hour race in March, Porsche must have known that success was assured. Did not they take the top eight places last year, humbling every rival who showed his face? Possibly, after practice, the Stuttgart men began to harbour some doubts. It was not just that the Lancia-Martini team annexed pole position and the...

Page 9 of December 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, December 2005

Obituary: Adrian Yates-Smith

This former Porsche endurance regular died on October 4 following a stroke. After starting out in speed events, Yates-Smith burst onto the club racing scene in 1977, making an instant impression in Modsports with his blisteringly quick, self-developed 911. This car served him well in British rounds of the World Championship for Makes in 1979 and 1980: sharing the drastically altered, flat-fronted...

Page 20 of February 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, February 2005

Track back -- 50/30/20/10 years ago

Saabs upstage Ford's effort -- Gruelling Arctic conditions prove rallying isn't simply about horsepower Sometimes it's the softly-softly approach which works. Against two works Ford Escorts and a pair of factory Fiats, Saab Finland pulled off an unexpected victory in the Arctic Rally with its ageing V4-engined 95, and rubbed it home by making it a 1-2-3. Simo Lampinen/Juohni Markkanen finally...

Page 43 of February 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, February 2007

Home Straight

Born and raised in Le Mans, Jean Rondeau dreamed of conquering the 24 Hours in a car of his own manufacture. Through sheer force of personality, he finally managed it It was an act of breathtaking stupidity and it cost him his life. By all accounts Jean Rondeau was a law unto himself: a driven man, a go-getter with unyielding self-belief. But even he was no match for a train. On December 27, 1985...

Page 88 of June 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 88, June 1981

Silverstone Six Hours in Colour

Jochen Mass (above) had everything going for him at the Silverstone Six Hours. He shared the fabulous Joest Racing Porsche 908/80 with Reinhold Joest and Volkert Merl, and started the race from a confident pole position, only to crash at Woodcote. *   *   * One man lured by the 'Le Mans practice' was World Rally Champion Walter Rohrl, who shared the Vegla Racing 935 turbo (far left), with Harald...



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