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Page 80 of June 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 80, June 1988

Book reviews

Fifty Famous Motor Racesby Alan Henry. 224 pp. 11" x 7½". (Thorsons Publishing Group Ltd, Denington Estate, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8 2RQ. £16.95.) A nice idea, this, to remember fifty famous occasions - not necessarily superb contests but great events. Alan Henry has chosen races ranging from the 1935 German Grand Prix, when Nuvolari at his peak took victory for Alfa Romeo from under...

Page 70 of July 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 70, July 2014


Letter of the month Trying to tackle the wrong problem I read with interest of the idea to end the World Endurance Championship season at Le Mans. I fully understand the thinking, as the remainder of the season is something of an anti-climax. It didn’t used to be this way in the heyday of Group C, however. After the 24 Hours we had classic races at the Nürburgring, Spa, Brands Hatch and Fuji –...

Page 82 of May 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 82, May 2014

Senna's dirty weekend

It was the kind of thing a team would nowadays doubtless suppress – an F1 star sneaking away to try his hand at rallying. But such things were possible in 1986, even when the driver was Ayrton Senna. He relished every secondWriter Steve Bennett Ayrton Senna – rally driver. Now there’s a cover line any magazine editor would covet. It happened too, on a blustery, grey Welsh hillside in 1986. Ayrton...

Page 24 of April 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, April 2000


There's always been more to Jackie Stewart than his driving ability. He's also been team owner, safety campaigner and unashamed promoter of other people's products. Russell Bulgin assesses the career of the prototypical modern racing driver. In order to appropriately mythologise Jackie Stewart, he really should be dead, the better to fulfil the time-served, cruelly macho parapsychology of his...

Page 36 of September 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, September 2013

Mini Paceman

...or how style is sometimes used to solve probems that didn’t exist Some of you may remember I was once the editor of this title, others may still be trying to forget (so I apologise for this reminder). And when I left to pursue a freelance career, it was the late Russell Bulgin, the most talented writer to turn his attention to cars in my generation, who taught me how to do it. “It’s not about...

Page 90 of July 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 90, July 1989

How to start rallying

..edited by Russell Bulgin. 62pp. 12" x 81/2. (Brands Hatch Publications Ltd, Brands Hatch Circuit, Fawkham, Dartford, Kent DA3 8NG. £3.00). Beginners' guides to active participation in motorsport seem to be all the rage at the moment. This, the sequel and cornpanion to BHP's similar magazine-format volume on circuit racing, has been available "from all good newsagents" since the turn of the year...

Page 126 of March 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 126, March 2012

And that reminds me...

Procrastination brings the rich talent of the incomparable Russell Bulgin into focus Desperate to find any excuse not to face the keyboard, I picked up a 1991 edition of Car magazine and started browsing. To be fair, Car was probably already in the process of peaking by the time the magazine I came across was produced, but if all you did was look at their ‘Frontline’ columnists, you’d know it...

Page 73 of June 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 73, June 1996

The Things They Say

If you were a biscuit, what kind of biscuit would you like to be?" Asked of eleven BTCC drivers by Russell Bulgin of Autocar recently. Can you imagine such a question being put by pre-war journalists to any racing driver, or what their response would have been? I think I know how Freddie Dixon might have responded! "Dunfee and Paul faced stern opposition... in particular from Bentley's arch...


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