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Page 42 of September 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, September 1991

Road Test -- BMW 325i

World Class Leader When BMW were faced with replacing the two boxy generations of 3-series that had served from 1975 to 1990, with over 3.5 million sales, they knew their largest volume seller demanded a brand new body. Gone are the upright lines and air of quality that was the envy of the non-Mercedes manufacturing World: in came the aero generation 3-series, plastics to the fore. The result was...

Page 65 of February 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 65, February 1998

Young bloods

After Ascari’s death in 1955, Luigi Musso and Eugenio Castellotti fought for his mantle as Italy’s top driver. Chris Nixon charts the brief and tragic careers of two great rivals. "Listen lads, you won’t have to work too hard to win this race. At the start, I'll set the rhythm. You follow me, and you won't shred your tyres. Ten laps from the end, I'll pull over, and then you two, between you, can...

Page 95 of April 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 95, April 1999

Team Managers - Enzo Ferrari

Long before he made his own cars, Enzo Ferrari made his name as a manager looking after Alfa Romeo's GP team. Mark Hughes reports. What happened in the 1930 Mille Miglia is the stuff of legend. The greatest drivers of the day, Tazio Nuvolari and Achille Varzi, were in their resolve even more intense than usual, for these warriors were driving identical works Alfas and knew this was as close to a...

Page 14 of February 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, February 1999

Conspiracy Theorist

Sir, "The sportsman and the friendly spirit that (Moss and Hawthorn) have shown each other throughout the season has been a pleasure to watch and should settle once and for all any suggestion that motor racing is a cut-throat business in which there is little room remaining for finer feelings and good sportsmanship." Quite so:- And quite a contrast to the tabloid-style screaming headlines and...

Page 50 of January 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, January 2008

Argentina's other hero

Big, brawny and tough, José Froilán González beat compatriot Fangio to bag Ferrari’s first GP – and he’s still involved with cars By Tony Watson He’s one of Argentina’s living motor racing legends – well, sporting legends in general – but what always strikes one about José Froilán González is that he’s always been so approachable. No side to this man whatsoever; no wonder his friendship with Juan...

Page 42 of November 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, November 1998

Enzo's Right-Hand Man

In the mid-1950s, Romolo Tavoni was faced with a choice: he could work alongside a tyrannical Enzo Ferrari...or get the sack. Fifty years on, he tells Chris Nixon he made the right decision. In January 1950 a young employee was called in to see the manager of the Credito Italiano bank in Modena. The bank had a new client and, keen to help out in any way, had offered the man's services to the firm...

Page 29 of October 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, October 1988

Tribute: Enzo Ferrari 1898-1988

The mantle of mystique Anyone who lives beyond man’s natural span of “three score years and 10” has to be respected, and to live a further 20 years demands admiration. If that man has devoted nearly 70 of those years to a passion for racing cars and motor racing, then those of us who believe in motor racing as a way of life must hold the greatest admiration for such a man, and such a man was Enzo...

Page 6 of November 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, November 1938


THE HISTORY Of THE RIO DE JANEIRO GRAND PRIX AN EYE WITNESS ACCOUNT OF THE SERIES OF RACES HELD IN THE ARGENTINE OVER THE LAST FIVE YEARS TH. great race has two other names, the Gavea Motor Race and the Trampolin Do Dial" After the Argentines had first competed over the course, they .gave it this latter name, which is really a nickname. Translated into plain English it means " The Devil's...

Page 80 of October 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 80, October 1997

Bugatti's final, fatal flop

Bugatti's vaunted return to post-war front line racing lasted just 18 laps. But, says Doug Nye, this ill-conceived project contained ideas that were truly ahead of its time Prologue Sporting history is studded with stories of how 'It seemed like a good idea at the time ...'. It's certainly true in Formula One ask Damon Hill or Chris Amon; back in the '50s, perhaps we should have asked Roland...

Page 100 of May 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 100, May 2010


Schumacher and Ferrari domination gives way to a new generation of hotshoes, all set against a backdrop of political strifeBy Adam Cooper It would probably be fair to describe the 2000s as a decade of two halves, at least in terms of results. The first was utterly dominated by Michael Schumacher and Scuderia Ferrari, who made up for the frustrations of the previous four years. The German won five...



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