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Page 49 of June 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, June 2000

The NACA duct

Penetrating the air efficiently while also ingesting a little of it has been a concern of aerodynamicists since the early years of the science, and intermittently of racing car designers for almost as long. With the notable exception of rockets, most powered vehicles — earthbound or flying — generate their motive force by burning gas or liquid fuel, and that requires an air supply for combustion...

Page 8 of February 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, February 2002

The Buckler did it

Sir, Reading Gordon Cruickshank's piece on Colin Chapman's driving prowess, the writer's enthusiasm for the Lotus founder is apparent. This may be why he has perpetuated a few Lotus myths. It is true that Chapman, driving his Ford special, beat Dudley Gahagan's Bugatti at Silverstone. However, the way the late Mr Gahagan recalled it, they raced each other three times that day, and twice the...

Page 35 of September 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, September 1984

The Cars of Frank Costin

If you were told that a car designer had built his own house, had used carefully stressed wood extensively in its construction, and had designed it to be aerodynamically sound, you would probably not need to see the title of this article to know that the individual in question is Frank Costin. Costin is the man who, in the Fifties, became synonymous with racing car aerodynamics and who...

Page 14 of January 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, January 1968

Revision 1967 and Explanations

A great many readers keep their old copies of Motor Sport, many having them bound year by year, not only for re-reading during dull moments, but as books of reference. Consequently we feel duty-bound to give space to putting right some errors that crept into print during 1967. Some of these were due to careless writing on the part of the staff, others due to the inexperience of some temporary...

Page 24 of July 1954 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, July 1954


At Aintree The opening race meeting at Aintree saw Stirling Moss back in winning form and Duncan-Hamilton going at his very quick best very in his sports Jaguar. As the main event was for Formale Libre cars it was particularly interesting to speculate on whether the B.R.M.s would seize this opportunity to score a convincing victory. Two of the latest short-chassis, stub-exhaust, Mk. II cars were...

Page 23 of September 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, September 1967

Continental Notes

That go-ahead club, the B.R.S.C.C., under the direction of Nick Syrett, last month took the bull by the horns and made a stand against the bureaucracy of the R.A.C. and the F.I.A. on the subject of the capacity limits for long distance racing. It will be recalled that the day after the Le Mans 24-hour race a group of men representing the sporting interests of their countries got together and...

Page 15 of June 1960 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, June 1960

Innes Ireland drives brilliantly to win B.R.D.C International Trophy race for Lotus. Lotus also win F.J. race. Salvadori (Jaguar) vanquishes Moss in saloon car contest.

  The B.R.D.C. successfully put on a very full day's racing at Silverstone, but unfortunately a gloom had been cast over the meeting by the fatal accident to Harry Schell who, in the rain,  lost control of his Cooper at Abbey Curve and, hitting the marker wall as the car slid backwards, was thrown out and killed instantly. During the wet practice session Moss "lost" his Cooper as he accelerated...

Page 30 of April 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, April 1993

Is the end nigh?

Dear reader, I was hoping to be at the first Grand Prix in the year 2000, which is only seven years away, but it is beginning to look rather unlikely. Recent rule changes for Formula One cars, and for Grand Prix races, seem to be aimed at a watering-down process to stifle technical progress and to stultify the performance factor of new Grand Prix cars, but that is nothing new. Since 1948 I have...

Page 22 of June 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, June 1956

Vanwall Victory In "Daily Express" International Trophy Race, Driven By Moss At Record Speed

Connaughts Second and Third. Ferraris Retire. Sports-car Successes by Cooper-Climax and Aston Martin. Russell Wins 500-c.c. Race, Jaguar the Touring-car Event. Lap Records Shattered The Daily Express International Trophy Meeting at Silverstone is one of the highlights of the British racing season and this year, organised by the B.R.D.C. on May 5th, it provided good entries, plenty of variety, and...

Page 80 of December 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 80, December 2004

Substance with style

Giuseppe Farina is rarely listed among the greats. He deserves more credit, says Mike Lawrence In 1950 Giuseppe 'Nino' Farina became Formula One's first world champion, yet he remains among the least known. In his day sportsmen were rarely interviewed, and besides, he was an intensely private person who hated even posing for photographs. In modern terms he was a sponsor's worst nightmare, yet...



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