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Paris-Rouen centenary

Page 69 from July 1994

Paris-Rouen centenary

Ardennes' night

Page 54 from December 2003

One round-the-clock race in France has garnered all the attention, but it is not the only such event. Bill Boddy recalls those other continental 24-hour races, at Spa-Francorchamps The Le Mans 24-hour race is one of the most important dates in the motorsport calendar. From the inaugural event in 1923 it was intended to display and test not only the stamina of road-equipped cars and their starting, lighting and tyres, but even their all-weather equipment, for hoods had to be erected for the opening laps.


Page 8 from February 1934

TROPHY WINNERS International Sporting Club Cup (premier award in General Classification ).-Gas-Trevoux (hotchkiss). Riviera C...p (premier award for cars under 1,500 c.c.).-1). M. Healey (Triumph), The Ladies' C p (for the competitor who, without a male passenger, obtains the highest number of marks).-mlies. Hustinx-des Forest (Peugeot) ; Mrs. G. Molander (Chrysler). " Le Jo. rnal " Cuiallenge Cup (for longest distance).--Gas-Trevoux (1, otchkiss). " L'Ill stration A. tomobile " Challenge Trophy (for the competitor whose name figures for three

"The Le Mans 24-hour Race"

Page 39 from January 1964

"The Le Mans 24-hour Race," by David Hodges. 140 pp. 7 1/2 x 6 1/2 in. (Temple Press Books Ltd., 42, Russell Square London, W.C.1. 18s.)


Page 3 from June 2003

The International rules of our sport are written in French. There is an English translation in the FIA's Yearbook, but when the inevitable loophole leads to the inevitable bout of semantics, it is the Gallic interpretation that 'settles' the argument.


Page 27 from May 1928

The Grand Prix de Juan-1es Puis.


Page 9 from December 1926

MOTOR RACING IN 1926. A Review of the more Important Events of the Past Year. By E. K. H. KARSLAKE.


Page 19 from November 1933

RACING MARQUES GREAT BENTLEY The first car. THE name of Bentley was by no means unknown in the racing world before the first car bearing it ever made its appearance. All followers of the sport in pre-War days remembered " W.O. on his little D.F.P. in the 1914 T.T., and the plucky performance which he put up. When, therefore, directly after the war it became known that he was going to produce a sports car of his own, interest was thoroughly aroused.

The VSCC at Brooklands

Page 40 from March 1983

On January 30th, just before the snow came, some of the more active, and hardy, members of the VSCC assembled at Brooklands for driving-tests. It was rather early in the year to be at the old Track, even for these frolics, although the late, lamented JCC (now the modern BARC) used to open the season thus, in those Februaries before the war. That the VSCC had 95 drivers, some sharing cars anxious to compete, indicates that the sporting spirit is as strong as ever, although, in fact, 130 cars were entered for the JCC Brooklands event of 47 years ago.


Page 12 from August 1930

THE BELGIAN GRAND PRIX Sweeping Victory for Alfa-Romeo F , 014LOWING close upon the 24-hour race at le Mans, the Belgian Grand Prix, which was run this year on the 5th and 6th July, is an event very similar and yet very different to the Grand Prix d'Endurance.


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