2016 Hall of Fame podcast: the Formula 1 debate


For our Hall of Fame’s 2016 class, we’ve decided to open the choice of inductees up to you. Damien explains everything in this month’s podcast, but the basic premise is that we come up with a list of names from five different areas – Formula 1 (including pre-war GP drivers), sports cars, rallying, US racing and bike racing – and you vote for each inductee from that selection. First, though, we needed to come up with those names, starting with F1.

As you’ll hear, there are so many worthy inductees that coming up with 14 means knocking some of the greats off the list until next year. But we hope you’ll be pleased and pleasantly surprised by the names that made it. We’ll be doing a podcast to discuss the ballot for each group over the next few months – as usual, we hope the debate spills over into the comments. Let us know what you think of our choices. To remind you who’s already in the Motor Sport magazine Hall of Fame, click here for the founding members and here for the inductees. Click here to vote for the 2016 Hall of Fame.

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