An optical illusion? Clark's final start


One eagle-eyed reader has spotted what may offer a clue to what happened on that fateful day at Hockenheim

Following the recent Kurt Ahrens interview in the November issue of Motor Sport, reader Pete Nelson emailed to us an observation: 

“Now my apologies if I am behind any discussion but I am only just reading my November 2016 Motor Sport. Within your excellent Kurt Ahrens piece on page 108/109 there is a photo of the Hockenhiem grid prior to the start of Jim Clark’s final race.

“If you look at the tyre profiles of all the tyres bar one they show a slightly convex shape as you would expect, but is it me or a peculiarity of the photograph, that Jim Clark’s rear left hand side tyre the profile looks flat if not a little concave is that a suggestion even on the grid it was losing pressure!”

The cause of Clark’s fatal accident remains unknown, as Kurt Ahrens pointed out during the interview.

Photo: Getty

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