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Klaus Ludwig will be recording a Motor Sport podcast about his Porsche career. Let us know what questions we should ask

1979 Klaus Ludwig Whittington Le Mans winning Porsche 935

Ludwig, with Bill and Don Whittington, won Le Mans in 1979 with a Porsche 935 K3


We’re being joined by sports car royalty for our next Porsche podcast. ‘King Klaus’ Ludwig will be our guest later this week.

He drove the Porsche 935 to its only Le Mans victory, and followed that up with two further wins in the 956.

It was also in a Porsche 935 that he utterly dominated the 1979 DRM, (German Racing Championship), winning 11 of the 12 races and coming second in the 12th.

As ever, we’ll be posing your questions as well as our own, so please post them below and we’ll ask as many as possible.