Gary Watkins

Gary has devoted his adult life to covering the world’s major sports car races, and is one of the most respected journalists in the sport. He was formerly on the staff of Autosport magazine and has been a regular contributor to Motor Sport since the start of this century.

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WEC 2019/20 explained: the new penalties that should guarantee close racing

28th August 2019

Toyota's dominance will be challenged during the 2019/20 WEC season, which...

Obituary: Ferdinand Piëch, 1937-2019

27th August 2019

The engineer behind the Porsche 917 and Audi Quattro, Ferdinand Piëch reversed...

Two years of Toyota domination: was WEC 2018/19 a super season?

20th June 2019

Reviewing the 2018/19 World Endurance Championship 'superseason', and looking...

Giving independents a chance

2nd October 2018

The World Endurance Championship’s new rules should give independent teams a...

Gary Watkins: 'This is what the WEC needs'

23rd August 2018

The born-again WEC could benefit from shorter, sharper races mixed with big...

Le Mans and lessons from the past

3rd July 2018

The new Le Mans prototype regulations bear a resemblance to those proposed...


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January 2020
Racing Rivalries: The 25 most explosive battles between drivers, teams, cars... and families.



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