First Principles – The Official Biography of Keith Duckworth | Norman Burr | Foreword by Sir Jackie Stewart OBE | Paperback

The life of Keith Duckworth OBE, the remarkable engineer, co-founder of Cosworth Engineering and creator of the most successful F1 engine of all time, the DFV


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Foreword by Sir Jackie Stewart OBE

This book chronicles the life of Keith Duckworth OBE, the remarkable engineer, co-founder of Cosworth Engineering and creator of the most successful F1 engine of all time, the DFV. This is a rounded look at the life and work of the man – work which included significant contributions to aviation, motorcycling, and powerboating.

The names ‘Keith Duckworth’ and ‘DFV’ are practically synonymous, such is the reputation of the famous F1 racing engine which he designed. Whilst there are books covering the technical aspects of the DFV engine, and other designs from Cosworth, the company which he founded with Mike Costin, there are many gaps in the story of Duckworth’s career, before and after Cosworth. This book comprehensively fills those gaps, taking the reader into the world of Britain’s finest 20th century engineers.It was a world consisting of far more than motorsport, embracing an astonishing variety of mechanical devices, including aircraft, boats, and motorcycles – particularly Triumph, for whom he was a consultant during his retirement.A man of strong convictions and high integrity, Keith Duckworth OBE cared passionately about his work, fitting almost every aspect of his life around it. From his northern industrial roots, the ups and downs of his personal life, his health problems, to his generous support of charities and business start-ups, this book recreates the story of one of motorsport’s – and engineering’s – most endearing and enduring characters.

  • The story behind one of Britain’s most remarkable 20th century engineers
  • Details his contributions to motorsport, aviation, motorcycling and powerboating
  • Examines Keith’s childhood in the industrial north, and how it shaped his approach to life
  • Documents fully and for the first time his life before Cosworth, including National Service and university
  • Explains the history of Cosworth under his chairmanship, and its major projects
  • Chronicles his many and varied consultancy and retirement projects
  • Contains interviews with his colleagues, family members and friends
  • Reveals the man behind the headlines, and how his private and family life intertwined with his passion for engineering
  • Contains many previously unpublished photos
  • Foreword by Sir Jackie Stewart OBE


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