Ford versus Ferrari – The battle for supremacy at Le Mans 1966 | John Starkey | Paperback

The inconic Ford vs Ferrari battle of Le Mans ’66, as told by John Starkey


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The development of Ford’s GT40, Carroll Shelby’s and Ken Miles’ involvement and the role of Ferrari’s driver, John Surtees.
The gripping story of the legendary fight between two giants of the automotive world.
What happened when America’s richest car company, producing many thousands of cars per year, went head-to-head with Ferrari of Italy in the mid ‘60s? This is the story of an unstoppable force coming up against the stubbornness of an immovable object – that is, Ford against Ferrari. Enzo Ferrari, whose company produced fewer than four hundred cars per year in 1963, wasn’t going to bow to Ford after he had turned down its offer to buy his company. The only place left to duke it out was on the racetracks of the world … and one in particular: Le Mans ‘66.
• Ford versus Ferrari at Le Mans was THE clash of TITANS in the 1960s
• Henry versus Enzo!
• The story of the events behind the Ford v. Ferrari battles at Le Mans between 1964 and 1967
• Chronicles the evolution and development of the Ford GT40, alongside the rise of Ferrari in auto racing
• The role of American racing hero Carroll Shelby
• The role of Ken Miles, the gritty English driver who led the Ford team to victory
• The role of John Surtees – Ferrari’s number one driver, and champion on both two wheels and four!


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