Bentley 8 Litre 1930 | Green | 1/18

The right car at the wrong time, the super-luxury Bentley 8 litre was introduced at the very start of the Great Depression. Costing the equivalent of £293,000 in the early 1930’s, sales were discontinued after Bentley was placed into receivership. Nevertheless they are highly sought after cars today.

Take a look at the 1/18th model replica we have available to order online.


Sold By: The Model Store


This 1/18th resin model is a replica of the original 8 Litre Bentley supercar, which was firstly announced at the 1930 London Motor Show. However, because this supercar was released a year into the Great Depression the salesof the car were poor. Struggling with finance, only 9 months into the car’s introduction, Bentley Motors went into receivership.


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