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A stunningly crafted model of Alfred Neubauer’s Austro-Daimler from the 1922 Targa Florio. A must-have model for fans of pre-war motor sport.


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Superbly crafted, this Velasor #46 Alfred model is a wonderful addition to any motor sport fan’s home. Depicting Alfred Neubauer’s Austro-Daimler, it is a stunning example of modern craftsmanship.


This ADS-R has several moving and actionable parts as well as removable parts that make this 1st model a reference with high finishes and maximum faithfulness.

This ADS-R is a faithful reproduction of the first version of this legendary car from 1922. It is built by hand and assembled with more than 200 pieces made from different materials, such as resins, metals, leather and wood, and is customised using different techniques such a moulds, 3D printing, laser cutting and engraving, photoengraved metal and turned parts. Finally, these are assembled by hand, thus putting together the 1st Velasor reference.

Here we will mention the different details and moving parts:

1.- Rotating hand crank.
2.- Radiator cap that can be turned to achieve two positions, retracted and deployed.
3.- Engine with the moveable ventilation propeller.
4.- Opening engine hood, held in place by a strap that can be removed and adjusted with the buckles.
5.- Detailed chassis with the fuel tanks and different braking cables.
6.- Functional front and rear suspension leaf springs.
7.- Front and rear moveable shock absorbers.
8.- Front and spare wheels with central threaded nut, removable using the ‘VC1’ wrench.
9.- Movable back box, with flexible closure and rollable leather case for tools.
10.- Interior of the cabin with oil pressure mark, operable pedals and hand brake lever.
11.- Removable mudguard.
12.- The figures, painted by hand, are a faithful reproduction of the real people who raced with the “Sascha”.


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