2016 Mexican Grand Prix

Gran Premio de Mexico

Sunday, October 30, 2016
Warm, dry and hazy
Fastest Lap:
Ricciardo, 1m21.134
Mexico City
2016 season:

Max Verstappen and his on-the-edge judgement of braking distances, tyre grip and etiquette shaped the spectacle of this race. And his Turn 4 launch down the inside of Nico Rosberg’s second place Mercedes just as the race was on a strategic pivot defined the race’s shape – behind Lewis Hamilton, that is, who took career victory number 51 to draw level with Alain Prost and keep his title hopes alive.

Shaping the result was Hamilton’s untypically large performance advantage over Rosberg. But although it may not have looked it from the outside, Hamilton gave himself a race of jeopardy – at least for the first 17 laps, after which he was able to get off the tyres he’d flat-spotted within seconds of the start and that were creating such vibrations as to threaten to destroy the tyre’s casing. The resonance had increased 25% – on the extreme limit – by the time he was brought in. “Normally, we would have brought him in long before then, for reasons of safety,” said Toto Wolff, “and that would have lost him the race and the championship. We felt we couldn’t do that.”


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