2016 United States Grand Prix

United States Grand Prix

Sunday, October 23, 2016
Fastest Lap:
Vettel, 1m39.877
United States
2016 season:

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg each did what they had to do in their respective championship missions. Assuming no further Mercedes retirements, Hamilton came into this weekend needing to win all four remaining races while Rosberg’s minimum was three seconds and a third. Hamilton won – comfortably – and Rosberg was second.

For a while, before Max Verstappen’s transmission failed, Daniel Ricciardo looked to have a better than evens chance of splitting the Mercs, having established track position over Rosberg at the first turn and maintained it. But the virtual safety car triggered by Verstappen’s parked Red Bull ensured Rosberg got a much cheaper pit stop than he otherwise would have done. With Ricciardo already having made his second stop, Rosberg came out 10 seconds in front rather than five behind and so secured second.


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