1968 Spanish Grand Prix

Gran Premio de Espana

Sunday, May 12, 1968
Hot, dry and sunny
Pole position:
Fastest Lap:
Beltoise, 1m28.3
1968 season:

Spanish Grand Prix

Madrid, Spain, May 12th

After holding a small Formula One race on the Jarama circuit at the end of last season, the Royal Automobile Club of Spain, and ODACISA the circuit owners, organised the Spanish Grand Prix to be the first European round in the 1968 World Championship series and received support front all the teams except A.A.R.-Eagle. After some complaints from the drivers' union about the rubber cones marking the edge of the corners, the loose gravel on the inside of the corners and the height of various guard-rails, a lot of last-minute work put everything right. All the inside edges were surfaced with tarmac and the line of the corners was marked by bevelled kerbstones neatly fitted into the surface. These stones had radial flutes on them and caused no problems if a wheel ran up them, but there was little grip to be obtained from the fluted surface so there was no encouragement for drivers to run up them except in emergency. The guard-rails were all lowered to ground level and with the rubber marker cones and loose gravel all gone, everyone was very happy and appreciative of the efforts and cooperation of the Spanish club.