1979 Argentine Grand Prix

Gran Premio de la Republica Argentina

Sunday, January 21, 1979
Very hot, dry and sunny
Fastest Lap:
Laffite, 1m46.91
1979 season:

Ligier landmark

Buenos Aires, January 21st

The new Grand Prix season started with a flourish in Buenos Aires, for not only were we seeing new combinations of drivers and teams after the "musical-chairs" of the end of 1978, but there was a remarkable number of new cars appearing for the first time. Normally a new season opens with the scene very much like that at the end of the previous season, but not this time. The Lotus 79 domination of last year stirred everyone up to greater efforts and new cars and designs appeared in proliferation. It says much for the morale in Formula One that so many people rose to the challenge of the Lotus 79 even if some of them merely copied it in a different colour. A domination by one team or one driver can often spread alarm and despondency so that everyone gives up trying, but not in Formula One at the moment. Designers got stuck in and teams worked long hours to have their "Lotus beaters" ready for the race of the season. Some were able to get in quite a bit of testing before the Argentine race while others had to set out with untried cars